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1941 - 1954 Spare Parts Catalog

Air Intake and Cleaners
Booster Clutch Parts - Footshift
Carburetor and Parts
Carburetor Choke Control
Carburetors and Air Cleaners: Inlet Pipes
Chain Guards
Chains and Sprockets
Clutch Group
Complete Transmission - All Models
Crankcases and Fittings
Cylinder and Valves - Sidevalves
Cylinders and Valves - Overhead Old and New Style
Direction Signal Lamp & Parts
Fender Group
Flywheels & Shafts
Footboard Group
Fork Parts -- Hydra-Glide
Frame & Fittings
Front and Rear Bumper
Front and Rear Stand Group
Front Axle and Fittings
Front Fender Lamp and Parts
Front Wheel Brake and Control Parts
Front Wheel, Hub and Axle Parts - 45" twins

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