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Articles/Miscellaneous Information

Installing the Right Side Electric System
Leineweber cams
Linkert Restoration
Lubrication chart
Manifold Leak-Testing
Model 51 Generator information
New Starter System For Old Farts
Oil filter mount
Patent decals
Ram Jett retainer installation
Re-building a cutout relay
Rear chain oiler
Rebuilding M Linkert carburetors
Regulator installation
S&S oil pump oil hole identification
S&S stroker kits
S&S Super E and G: Installation and Jetting Instructions
Shovel oil pump information
Shovel pumps for Pans
Sifton installation instructions
Sifton instructions to install special cams
Some Observations about Solid Lifter Valve Adjustment
Spark plug explanation
Speedometer overview
SU Eliminator I & II

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