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6 Post Ignition Switch
Andrews cams
Blueprint of engine/transmission
Blueprint of engine/transmission (2)
Blueprint of frame
Bolt Torque Chart
Calculate gear ratio
Converting the Harley Davidson Model 32E generator 6-Volt
Date codes and other info for some, not all, BT trans cases
Differences WLA 1,2 and 3
Enameling charges on Police orders
Engine and transmission mount location, straight leg frame
Finally a cure for the Panhead leaking transmission
Fixing the "Instant Reserve" Fuel Valve
Flathead oil feed pump
Flathead oiling system
Four speed transmission tips
H-D additional original component identifying numbers
Harley engine balancing
Head casting numbers
How To Recondition Harley FLH Hydra Glide Forks
How To Wrench Your 74" Tranny
Inner workings of the speedo meter
Installation instructions for all S&S pistons

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