John W. Harman Spirder Girder

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John W. Harman Spirder Girder


Post by Pete808 »

Picked up a bike that has this front end on it. The guy that sold me the bikes said it is a Harman front end. Have been looking into it but haven't really seen much info on them. Anyone ever run one? Decent front end? Not my style so I will be selling it eventually. Anyone have any idea what a real life value is on something like this? The guy that I got it from says that it could be $3k+ to the ight guy? Can't find another on listed for sale, are they that rare?

PS If you see anything you need on the bike let me know.

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Re: John W. Harman Spirder Girder


Post by Andygears »

Pete, that bike is pretty cool! As a period chopper it’s got a lot of unique features and fits together well. If you take off the girder, will you derake the frame? And then hack off the “one of” rear fender? Seems a shame.

The Harmon girder is worth a bit, if it was in good condition. But with the rust, I doubt you could get more than $500 for it. I would estimate $1500 - $2000 to get it rechromed and it’s so large that some platers would decline.

If you want or need the pan motor, sliding a ratty cone shovel into that setup wouldn’t change it that much, or be too much of a project. Anyway, post some more pictures before you take that thing apart, or don’t! And ride it to shows as a survivor.

As usual, my opinions, good luck.

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Re: John W. Harman Spirder Girder


Post by 47str8leg »

That top welded in plates were never on an original Harmon spirder as far as I’ve ever seen. Interesting but not worth a crazy amount. Maybe try to sell it on “insta-greed” where “chopperlishous” parts with “the look” are all the rage.
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