Schebler & Linkert Connection Part 5


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Schebler & Linkert Connection Part 5


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Schebler & Linkert Connection. Part 5, by Nifty (with a lot of help from others, credited throughout).
1909-1912, 26 images
Some of below I regard as indisputable hard fact, some is also questionable. Anything red, or with question mark? definitely questionable/requires more research and or editing/possibly deleting.
Chronology continues:

1909 February 09, Indianapolis Motor Speedway were incorporated. Wheeler was second vice president, after Newby. Wheeler was also Secretary and Treasurer. Page 10. ... CO_Nom.pdf See also Car & Driver Magazine, May 2003, article by Bob Zeller, “Before there was a 500”,

1909 Heitger carb ebay.jpg
1909 Heitger carb ebay.jpg (313.88 KiB) Viewed 280 times

1909 Heitger Model C Carburetor, Indianapolis. Source 1909 Cycle and Automobile magazine page 212,. Image source eBay item number:314110072852 ... 1111.m2109
IMO Heitger was knock-off of early Schebler H

may 1909 scheb holley.jpg
may 1909 scheb holley.jpg (343.59 KiB) Viewed 280 times

1909 May 01, catalogue page, image source ... B8QAvD_BwE
NOTE: Schebler lower right, only models D & H listed, only pipe thread manifold attachment listed.
NOTE: similarity of Holley float pivot above, but Holley also appears to have been a plain-tube type, with “no moving parts in the mixing chamber”

1909: The WHEELER-SCHEBLER CARBURETOR COMPANY was sufficiently successful to enable them to splurge at least $5,000 on the Tiffany commissioned, silver WHEELER-SCHEBLER trophy for auto races at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and elsewhere. (survives in IMS museum)..

wheeler & schebler & trophy.jpg
wheeler & schebler & trophy.jpg (74.71 KiB) Viewed 280 times
1909 August 12, The Automobile magazine, Frank Wheeler (left) and George Schebler standing next to the Wheeler-Schebler Trophy that they donated as the big prize for the first auto race meet at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. ... eir-trophy
1909 July 3, Indianapolis Star newspaper.
" valued at about $10,000. It stands eight feet six inches high and contains 55,000 worth of silver. It is of Tiffany design, showing exquisite workmanship, being a dull finish sterling silver. It weighs 500 pounds”. ... ler-trophy
What the 55,000 was is unknown, a lot of the 500 pounds must have been in the heavy wood base. “Value” inflated.

1909: The average price of silver was a little over 52 US cents per fine ounce. ... 5-1919.pdf

1909: The average USA wage was 22 cents per hour. The average worker made between $200 and $400 per year. A competent accountant could expect to earn $2000 per year, A dentist $2,500 per year, a veterinarian between $1,500 and $4,000 per year, and a mechanical engineer about $5,000 per year. ... 909-a.html

1909: George Schebler was sufficiently wealthy to allow him to have a unique, one-off, V-12 engine built. Designed by Wheeler Schebler engineer Philip Schmoll and built by Wheeler-Schebler machine shop. Engine completed mid 1909. Source Indianapolis Star newspaper July 03 1909, photo & brief caption of just completed Schebler V12 engine. ... hebler.pdf
One cylinder bank could be deactivated for normal driving, and then engaged when more power was needed for climbing or negotiating muddy byways. It may have been the first variable-displacement engine ever designed. ... e-schebler
The Schebler V12 engine appears to be the first V12 specifically designed for automobile use. Not verified, more data required.

1908_Schebler_V-12_special_engine.jpg (18.34 KiB) Viewed 280 times
Schebler V-12 engine installed in the Schebler car, viewed looking from front, over radiator, Motor Age magazine, March 25, 1915 ... engine.jpg
Schebler V-12 engine survives in Henry Ford Edison Institute Museum. See 1937.

1909: George Schebler, along with a group of fellow luminaries of the Indianapolis automobile industry, banded together and created a gasoline engine education course taught at the YMCA. It attracted motoring enthusiasts and also auto dealers sent their customers along so they would better understand their new purchases. Source: The Indianapolis Automobile Industry: A History, 1893-1939, By Sigur E. Whitaker. Page 54. ... is&f=false

1909: The first ever I.M.S. race meeting was actually for motorcycles and no 500 mile events (they came in 1911). On August 13, 1909, Ed Lingenfelder won this I.M.S. motorcycle race. Source Car & Driver Magazine, May 2003, article by Bob Zeller, “Before there was a 500”. Also ... tegory/150
Which all sounds fine and dandy, but apparently, in reality the entire meeting was a shambles and the above event was supposed to be a National 10mile race, but became a 2 horse match race, which rapidly reduced to 1 when Jake DeRosier’s front tire blew out. See links below.

1909 IMS bike prog 13-14 Aug .jpg
1909 IMS bike prog 13-14 Aug .jpg (105.18 KiB) Viewed 280 times

1909 Program Cover, source: Reprinted in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's 2008 MotoGP program. ... s-derosier ... Rosier.pdf

Another segue.
In order to commemorate this 1909 first IMS motorcycle race meeting, around early 1972, during William H. Davidson’s second to last year of his presidency of AMF Harley-Davidson, William H. hatched a plan and presumably had funds allocated, to donate a “restored replica” of Joe Petrali’s 21cubic inch, Factory only, 1935 dirt track race bike to the IMS museum.

80 yr David K Wright pg 238 rsz.jpg
80 yr David K Wright pg 238 rsz.jpg (833.6 KiB) Viewed 280 times
Unknown photographer, from the book “The Harley-Davidson Motor Company, An Official Eighty Year History”, by David K. Wright, 2nd edition, H-D part number -99311-84V, page 238. Author’s collection. Left to right, Willie G. & his father, William H. Davidson, presenting the completed “replica” to then owner of IMS Tony Hulman. Contrary to book caption which claims 1964, this presentation occurred on Monday May 20 1974 (early in “Indy Race Week”, main event was Sunday May 26). And contrary to Wikipedia, William H. Davidson retired in late 1973. Wikipedia claim 1971.

The Indy Museum “Petrali replica” machine was built up from parts by Jim Haubert, to William H. Davidson’s order, the “restoration” was completed on October 12, 1973, which was shortly after Wm. H. had retired. It was built from parts sourced from H-D, Harry Molenaar and elsewhere, some of the parts used from Molenaar are probably from Petrali's actual bike 35SA503. The one of a kind 1935 Petrali cast aluminium air box turned up at Molenaar’s shop years later and last I heard, still exists in private hands, Haubert fabricated a replacement air box, which is not quite accurate. The modified single-down-tube frame is earlier and not correct, the motor #35 SA 501 is not the actual known Petrali item, but is correct year and type, possibly from a spare bike, and, it must be said, this motor may well have been used at some time by Petrali. There is no known evidence either way. There may once have been a 35SA502, but two, or perhaps three 21inch Factory only machines are likely all that were made for the 1935 model year. This 35SA501 replica machine was initially supposed to be restored / built under fairly relaxed conditions, however after commencement of work, William H. Davidson shortened the completion deadline. Restoration standard was acceptable to W.H., but Jim was not happy about the “rush job” and resultant corners which had to be cut. Source Jim Haubert, personal communications with author 2002-2003. See also article in H-D Factory “in-house” magazine, ”The First Edition”, June 1974. See also Jim Haubert’s reminisces at
The ultra rare, factory-only 1935 SA 21inch engines are easily mistaken for the more common, but still very rare circa 1935 CAC 30inch, over the counter engines which shared similar castings. In recent times this William H. Davidson commissioned “replica” machine was acquired by Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggi Valley, North Carolina and its arrival there features in one of their many YouTube videos. One can only assume the I.M.S. museum wanted to divest itself of this machine because it has no direct historical connection to the IMS. Had he lived to see it, William H. Davidson would likely have been less than impressed. Such is life.

Petrali 80yr Hist David K Wright pg 176 rsz.jpg
Petrali 80yr Hist David K Wright pg 176 rsz.jpg (579.5 KiB) Viewed 280 times
Smokin’ Joe Petrali in MoCo race shop, (a corner of the Experimental/Engineering Department) preparing his actual, hand-built 21inch, 1935 model year, factory only “Peashooter”, almost certainly 35SA503 in its original dual front downtube frame. Linkert MR2 carburetor, unique cast aluminum airbox. Apparently Petrali used this machine well into 1936 and this photo may date from that year. Image source The Harley-Davidson Motor Company, An Official Eighty Year History, by David K. Wright, 2nd edition, H-D part number -99311-84V, page 176. Author’s collection. Original photo probably by Pohlman Studios, Milwaukee. Modern H-D may have claimed copyright after they acquired Pohlman negative collection.
Earlier in his racing career Petrali was dubbed “The Flying Wop” by a racist bigot National magazine journalist, who hid behind the pseudonym “Fullov Castor”. Source “Motor Cycling including The Bicycling World” magazine, Sept 16, 1925 pages 21-23, author’s collection. At least some things have improved over the past 100 years.
Petrali was a truly remarkable racer and member of the human race.
End of segue, back to Schebler-Linkert chronology.

1909 August, 21, Harry C. Stutz driving a Marion car #55 completed only 30 laps of Wheeler-Schebler trophy race during inaugural I.M.S. auto races. ... ler_Trophy

1909 August, 19-22, 5 fatalities at inaugural I.M.S. auto races.
William Bourque - driver
Harry Holcomb - mechanic
Claude Kellum - mechanic
James West - spectator
Omar D. Jolliffe – spectator

3 die 2nd auto race 1909.jpg
3 die 2nd auto race 1909.jpg (55.95 KiB) Viewed 280 times
Newspaper account of the fatal August, 21,1909, Wheeler-Schebler Trophy race
The Plymouth tribune. (Plymouth, Ind.), August 26, 1909, Image 2 ... nge&page=1

1909 aug 27 IMS sued.jpg
1909 aug 27 IMS sued.jpg (17.7 KiB) Viewed 280 times
1909 August 27, IMS, Wheeler-Schebler and Fisher Automobile Company were sued after the August, 21,1909, Wheeler-Schebler Trophy race stopped and Wheeler-Schebler trophy not awarded.
The Lake County times. [volume] (Hammond, Ind.), August 27, 1909, EVENING EDITION, Page 4, Image 4 ... Type=basic
I have not found any reporting of results of this court action, however, the Deed of Gift for Wheeler-Schebler Trophy stipulated very strict conditions for it to be awarded. See copy of original 1909 gift deed of trophy. ... Trophy.pdf

Not an auspicious start for Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but obviously things improved.

dec 23 1909 scheb concentric float.jpg
dec 23 1909 scheb concentric float.jpg (92.33 KiB) Viewed 280 times
1909 Dec 23, THE CONCENTRIC THEORY, WHEELER & SCHEBLER advertisement, appears to be #4 of a series, only this one currently known. NOTE: Bottom fuel feed with Schebler signature hinged float pivot. The concentric nozzle and hemispherical float bowl were covered by George Schebler’s first patent of 1902.
Source THE AUTOMOBILE magazine December 23, 1909 page 98 ... /schebler/
1910 City directory WHEELER & SCHEBLER CARBURETOR CO are listed as manufacturers of carburetors and magnetos, and located at the Langsenkamp Brass Works on Shelby Street, at the same address. Page 10. ... CO_Nom.pdf
Whilst “located at same address” is correct, 1910 Polk’s Directory pg 1579 lists W&S Carb Co at Shelby, Sanders & Barth; while L&W Brass Works are listed at 1208 Shelby. ... 8/mode/2up ... 8/mode/2up
I found no reference to W-S magnetos in Polk’s 1910 Indianapolis directory. (other city directories exist)
As at Feb 02, 2023, I have found no evidence of Wheeler-Schebler magneto manufacture.
1910 Polk’s page 1579 lists 4 carburetor manufacturers in Indianapolis, Heitger, Improved, Marvel and Wheeler-Schebler. ... 8/mode/2up
I have found no advertising, or other references for the Improved Carburetor Co.

feb 23 1910 scheb float valve.jpg
feb 23 1910 scheb float valve.jpg (68.35 KiB) Viewed 280 times

1910 Feb 23, Schebler advertisement with details of their precision-made and thus reliable bottom fuel feed float valve. Source The Horseless Age magazine Feb 23 1910, page 3. Image source ... /schebler/

1910 may 25 Marvel ad ex chuck.jpg
1910 may 25 Marvel ad ex chuck.jpg (78.01 KiB) Viewed 280 times

1910 May 25, Marvel advertisement, “Its Name defines it” Source THE HORSELESS AGE magazine, May 25, 1910, page 25. Image source ... /schebler/
Updraft, auxiliary air, float type carb with 3 butterflys. The fuel inlet valve, visible float and bowl arrangement are instantly recognisable as signature Schebler design. Presumably Marvel and others purchased right to use Schebler patent, or were paying royalties to Schebler, who’s patent appears to have been in effect until 1919. Not verified, more data required.
A. Butterfly controlled exhaust heat jacket. M. auxiliary air also heated. X. main air intake. Pierce/Marvel also duped by Krebs formula.
Incomplete Indianapolis address.

marvel jun 01 1910 15 Virginia ave indy.jpg
marvel jun 01 1910 15 Virginia ave indy.jpg (83.16 KiB) Viewed 280 times

1910, June 01, advertisement, Image Source ... or_Company
1910 June, Marvel model H, auxiliary air via M. Marvel Carburetor Co were at 15-1/2 Virginia Avenue Indianapolis.

1910 marv 2226 Alvord ex fandom.jpg
1910 marv 2226 Alvord ex fandom.jpg (38.45 KiB) Viewed 273 times

The Automobile Trade Directory (July 1910) ... or_Company
1910, July, Marvel model H, auxiliary air via M. The Marvel Carbureter Company were at 2226-1/2 Alvord street Dept “A” Indianapolis, A book on carburetion was available.

scheb 1910 jul 20 ex chuck.jpg
scheb 1910 jul 20 ex chuck.jpg (64.23 KiB) Viewed 274 times

1910, Jul 20, advertisement from THE HORSELESS AGE magazine, Schebler Carburetor Facts, image source ... /schebler/
Carb image is Schebler model R?, auxiliary air via valve housing at left, main air via bottom of bowl. Not verified, More data required.
“Over 300,000 Schebler carburetors are giving satisfaction in daily use at this time”
“150,000 square feet of floor space” Likely includes Langsenkamp & Wheeler Brass Works? Not verified, More data required.

1911 Buick, model 14, factory installed carburetor was Schebler Model D, source Motor Age magazine, May 16, 1912, page 31. ... d-ma-p-31/

1911 Apr 20, Birth of Robert Martin Langsenkamp, son of Henry J. Langsenkamp and younger brother of Henry J. Langsenkamp Junior. Sources ... angsenkamp ... DWARuZavpA

1911: The WHEELER-SCHEBLER CARBURETOR COMPANY was sufficiently successful to enable them to buy site and purpose-build a new factory, at Southern corner Sanders & West-side of Barth Avenue. This building survives and in 2022 known as WHEELER LOFTS. (National Parks building A) Construction is steel reinforced poured concrete & stucco, 2 stories plus full basement, completed 1912. Back door of Langsenkamp & Wheeler brass works was directly across on East-side of Barth. Pages 11, 13 & 20 ... CO_Nom.pdf
1913 Wheeler Schebler and Langsenkamp & Wheeler building footprints at Sanders, Barth & Shelby is a close as I have been able to find showing 1911-12 new construction Wheeler-Schebler building West of Barth avenue.

sanborn 371 circa 1913.jpg
sanborn 371 circa 1913.jpg (113.9 KiB) Viewed 269 times

Sanborn Fire Insurance plan 371 circa 1913
https://indianamemory.contentdm.oclc.or ... /745/rec/2

2003 site plan National Parks cropped.jpg
2003 site plan National Parks cropped.jpg (53.81 KiB) Viewed 269 times

This site plan was probably drawn by National Parks circa 2003 and included in NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES application, as an aid to interpreting the site and still serves that purpose well. At top, to left/West of Barth Ave, the L shaped, stucco over reinforced concrete 2 story, plus full basement, “Building A” only, was the Wheeler - Schebler Carburetor Co factory circa 1912-1919. Building B is brick faced reinforced concrete, 2 story plus full basement, added by W-S circa 1919. Building C is single story brick with saw tooth roof, no basement, was added by W-S circa 1928. The additional 2 story brick “Power house” is shown as “Boiler house” on earlier Sanborn plans and also constructed by W-S circa 1928. Pages 5,6,7,8 & 20. ... CO_Nom.pdf
Entire site 1928 to present 1.25 acres (0.51 ha) Coordinates: 39°45′0″N 86°8′28″W ... or_Company

During 1911 the LANGSENKAMP & WHEELER BRASS WORKS, brass foundry & finishing building was also enlarged/new adjacent building built. see fire plan 1915

NOTE: Circa 1911 both W-S & L&W buildings had Sanders Street frontage at North and both only separated by Barth Avenue. Over the years both building footprints grew and addresses and main entries of both buildings changed, but not their physical locations.

1911 George Schebler commissioned a one-of-a-kind car to be built for his one-of-a-kind 12-cylinder engine. Based on a Premier chassis, the work was done by the Marion Motor Car Company at 323 West 15th Street, Indianapolis. Page 10 ... CO_Nom.pdf
A Stutz transaxle rear end was used ... r-systems/

scheb car 1911 OME.jpg
scheb car 1911 OME.jpg (27.17 KiB) Viewed 269 times

George Schebler driving his one-off V12 Schebler car, circa 1911. ... 96585.html Right-side steering in USA was not uncommon in this era. (apparently all Buick RHD until 1914) Photos of George are rare, good, sharp photos even rarer.
Wikipedia fail to mention the Schebler V12 car and inaccurately tout UK 1913 Coutalen/Sunbeam 9.0 L (549 cu in) V12 as being one of the first V12 cars built . The Schebler car may be the first ever V12 car. The 1915 Packard “Twin Six” is widely regarded as the first “Production” car with V12 engine.
4 founders & henry ford 1911.jpg
4 founders & henry ford 1911.jpg (54.9 KiB) Viewed 252 times
1911 photo, at left Henry Ford, then the 4 founders of IMS, Arthur C. Newby, Frank H. Wheeler, Carl G. Fisher, James Allison. Original photo probably taken on-site at IMS during 1911 inaugural 500 mile event. Original photo source unknown. Image source via Indianapolis Motor Speedway, via Indiana State Library. See also ... School.htm
Above photo often used with Henry Ford cropped off, see 1913.

1912 feb ford T Kulick.jpg
1912 feb ford T Kulick.jpg (63.3 KiB) Viewed 264 times
1912 Feb 17, Frank Kulick driving highly factory modified* Ford Model T record car, on frozen Lake St. Clair, northeast of Detroit. New speed record for class, 107.8 miles per hour. *still flathead 4 cyl, originally built by Ford Motor Company circa 1910. Ford ended their racing efforts in 1913. See 1913 Indy 500 below.
Image source https://digitalcollections.detroitpubli ... a%3A250693
Text source ... =gs-203136

scheb manuf 1912 wolf boat.jpg
scheb manuf 1912 wolf boat.jpg (84.85 KiB) Viewed 264 times

1912 Motor Boat magazine, image source eBay item number:275062139531
“Wheeler & Schebler , Manufacturers”. Smalley marine engine was 9 cyl in-line see ... es-in.html

1912 Frank Wheeler had sufficient personal wealth to have his Indianapolis mansion “Hawkeye” built at 3040 Cold Spring Road, neighbouring Carl Fisher* mansion. *I.M.S. source Page 13 ... CO_Nom.pdf

wheeler mansion 1913.jpg
wheeler mansion 1913.jpg (65.29 KiB) Viewed 264 times
Wheeler mansion front circa 1913

wheeler gazebo japanese tea house.jpg
wheeler gazebo japanese tea house.jpg (106.93 KiB) Viewed 264 times

Wheeler mansion gazebo/Japanese Tea House and 1 acre lake, at left background is the huge and rather incongruous masonry water tower and beyond that the garage. The extensive structure at right background was described as a porch, which is bigger than the mansion/house which is beyond and mostly obscured by foreground column. Likely porch was effectively a huge covered entertainment area. This whole area of grounds was illuminated for the high society parties hosted by the Wheeler’s. Circa 1913 image, source ... /38/rec/14

Late 1912? George Schebler sold out to Frank Wheeler, (supposedly for $1million, handy chunk of change in 1912). Presumably the terms of sale recognised George’s contributions to the financial success of WHEELER-SCHEBLER. Carburetor business continues as Wheeler-Schebler. Some sources quote 1915 for sale?, more good data required. I have found no period detail evidence of Schebler sell-out.

1912: Marvel leave Indianapolis and re-locate to Flint Michigan.

marvel moves to flint 1912.jpg
marvel moves to flint 1912.jpg (26.37 KiB) Viewed 264 times

1912 Marvel first expanded operations to Flint in 1912 to be near the auto plants there. ... uretor-co/

T. R. Francis moved with Pierce & Marvel to Flint 1912; purpose of move to Flint was to be closer to major auto plants; move was beneficial, T initial is a misprint, should be J.

mill st map marvel factory.jpg
mill st map marvel factory.jpg (78.75 KiB) Viewed 264 times

“I’m thinking this is the old Peerless building on Mill St. next door to the old Cornwall Whip Socket plant.
Marvel first expanded operations to Flint in 1912 to be near the auto plants there. So they would be in this location for about 8 years.” ... uretor-co/ See also 1921

1912 May, Wheeler & Schebler advertise that 1.5 million Schebler carbs in use.

1912 IMS scheb ad comp pg.jpg
1912 IMS scheb ad comp pg.jpg (99.35 KiB) Viewed 264 times

Image source Page 27 ... CO_Nom.pdf
1912 Indy 500 was run on May 30

Annotations and arrows by National Parks Service, note combined use of both LANGSENKAMP & WHEELER BRASS WORKS at left and 1911 built “WHEELER & SCHEBLER” carburettor factory at right (arrowed), i.e. “The Factory Behind The Schebler Carburetor” includes LANGSENKAMP & WHEELER BRASS WORKS, thus further illustrating the intimate association of these companies, but with simultaneous suppression of L&W Brass Works. Shelby & Sanders streets also identified by National Parks Service.
However, 4,000 carburetors per day is only potential full capacity at this time, not actual daily production, conversely, they were selling a lot of carburetors and earning a lot of money. Source Page 27 ... CO_Nom.pdf

NOTE: Joseph Greiwe included a cropped copy of above National Parks Service annotated page 27, but not referenced to either source. Source Page 14, History of the Schebler Carburetor. Compiled by Joseph Greiwe. Circa 2009. Private publication and printing. No ISBN. Few quoted sources. Some errors of fact. Author’s collection.

The 1912 Indianapolis 500-Mile Race, or International 500-Mile Sweepstakes Race, the second such race in history, was held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Thursday, May 30, 1912. Winning car was a National, Arthur C. Newby was a founder and president of both the National Motor Vehicle Company of Indianapolis and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

End of Part 5
Still some holes in knowledge of events, but lots more detail to come. Additional data very welcome, watch this space.
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