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Re: Motorcycles


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Frazier wrote: Wed Feb 22, 2023 9:51 pm Yea I had a 1996 dyna wide glide years ago but sold it cause the ride was bad , kept pulling over on the fwy and checking the tires cause I thought I had a flat , damn thing was very unstable so I sold it then later found out about the dyna death wobble , well last week I called Sputh about a six speed trans in a four speed case and they dont make them anymore but told me they now make a front and rear stabelizer for the dynas that will elimanate the wobble , well sounds like they solved the high speed wobble in the dynas so thats why I bought one last sunday , gonna order one of their stabelizer kits tomorrow , will keep the panhead and shovels fir local mountain rideing
I have one of Sputhe's 5 into 4 conversions in my '68 FL. It is the single best mod I ever did to for that bike. But I do not believe Sputhe ever made a 6 into 4 package, because 5:4 relied on stock internals, and a six speed would require custom gears. I don't believe a six speed is any help if one has enough engine to pull the bike at highway speeds. A simple rear pulley change will affect a usable difference....
Anyway, that company, like may others, like $&$, and Super Max, has gone to hell upon the death of the originator, Alan Sputhe..
I have not compared prices, but the Sputhe stabilizers for the Dynas are often on eBay, and would look there for one....
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Re: Motorcycles


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Woops sorry Roo Dog , typo on my part ment to say 5 in a four trans . Did order one of their dyna stableizer kits though
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