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The Cannonball Kick Drive electric start kit for rigid frame Big Twins converts your classic kickstart-only motorcycle to electric start. After installation you just push the button or turn the key and your old Flathead, Knucklehead or Panhead will roar to life instantly.

With the CB Kick Drive electric start kit the transmission receives an intermediate housing between kicker cover and main case, where the starter system attaches. The stock kickstarter can be retained. This intermediate housing will be the only thing visible so the overall appearance of your motorcycle will barely change. The primary drive, primary housing and oil tank stay untouched, only the rear fender and your stock 2-1 exhaust require small modifications. Since the system works with an unchanged primary drive, it also allows installation of custom belt drives, custom primary covers, running open primaries, etc. Installation is fairly easy and straightforward. The kit includes everything needed for the conversion except for the battery, wires and starter button/switch, which must be purchased separately.

If the bike is still equipped with the early stock 6V charging system you will have to convert this to 12 V, which means a suitable generator, regulator, coil and lamps need to be fitted.

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