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XA specs:45.04ci, (738cc), flathead horizontally opposed, 3.125" x 3.125" bore/stroke, 5.7:1 compression, dual Linkert carbs, 23hp @ 4,600 rpm, 4 speed, gear primary and shaft final drives, double downtube, 58.7" wheelbase, 538 lbs, 4.1 gallon fuel, 2 qts oil, 65 mph, $870.35. The fork was a longer WLA model, and the fork scabbard carried a Thompson submachine gun.

Harley-Davidson XA

Other changes for this year are almost nill. Universally, the oil pump and tappet guides were painted white. The W series Army models, lamps were blacked out, and the horn and headlight switched places. The Servi-Car got shocks, and box cover ribs parallel to rear bumper.

1942 speedometer
1942 speedometer