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Specific subjects:
Transmission & Shifting
Clutch & Mousetrap
Chains & Belts
Clutch & Mousetrap: 251 topics
'49 Panhead clutch
"Short stroke" rocker clutch
1951 panhead clutch
1959 clutch: I want to get better performance
1962 Clutch hub nut
1965 foot clutch lever 36811-65
1965 mousetrap
3 1/2 Friction disc set
31/32 measurement
36871-40 STUD, foot lever spring
4 speed clutch problem
52 FL pan kicker problem update (sheared keyway)
55' clutch hub removal Help please
56 rocker clutch
59 pan clutch release arm & clutch lever problem
62 Clutch rebuild advice
63 DuoGlide-Mousetrap
65 clutch
65 pan clutch help
65 Pull rod length
65 rivera clutch is hard after it heats up w/mouse trap
Adjusting clutch
adjusting clutch
Adjusting Clutch Rod
aluminum pressure plate
Another clutch question.
Anti-rattle clutch plates yes or no
Bell Crank differences
Blasted clutch parts,need finish suggestion.
broken clutch cable
buffer plate
Can't get my trans into neutral
Cluch guestion
Clutch -- Too Much Friction?
Clutch actuator shaft height...
Clutch adjustment
clutch adjustment
Clutch adjustment
clutch adjustment
Clutch Adjustment
clutch adjustment
Clutch adjustment 53 Panhead hand clutch
Clutch Adjustment Help
Clutch adjustment on '55 FL
Clutch Adjustment problem
Clutch Adjustments help
clutch and shifting
Clutch Arm Adjustment
Clutch arm position on 1965 Pan
Clutch Assembly
Clutch assembly simplicity
Clutch basket question
clutch basket question
Clutch Basket Replacement Sprocket
Clutch booster question
Clutch cable
Clutch Cable advise
clutch cable bracket
clutch chatter when clutch disengaged
clutch Creeping
Clutch Cushion plate 37950-41
clutch discs
Clutch Disks buffers
clutch drum
Clutch friction disks
clutch heat up
clutch hub
Clutch hub
Clutch Hub (Shaft) Taper
Clutch Hub 41-64 & 65-up
clutch hub and basket wobble
Clutch Hub and discs
Clutch hub and shell
clutch hub drive pins
clutch hub fiber
Clutch hub fitment
clutch hub measurement
Clutch hub noise
clutch hub nut
Clutch Hub Nut
Clutch Hub Nut - Somebody Stop Me!
Clutch hub nut come loose.
clutch hub nut seal
clutch hub oil deflector
Clutch hub puller Problems
Clutch hub quandary
clutch hub troubles
Clutch hub wobble...Need input
Clutch Hub: need to remove it
Clutch hub.
clutch installation
clutch issues
clutch issues!!!
Clutch lift
Clutch linkage rod rubs header pipe
Clutch pedal Stop pin 36812-65
Clutch pin replacement.
Clutch problem on my 1965
Clutch problem, whacked off thumb
Clutch push rod
Clutch push rod and adjuster screw tearing each other up
Clutch pushrod ?
Clutch pushrod and fork interface... s*Rt the bed...
Clutch question
Clutch question
Clutch Question, again
Clutch Questions
Clutch rattle after belt primary installation
clutch release arm
Clutch release bearing
clutch release bearing... Who makes a good one?
Clutch release lever
clutch release lever wont spring back????
Clutch release rod adjusting screw
Clutch Release Shaft (Finger) Questions
Clutch removal
clutch replacement suggestions 51 FL
Clutch Rocker
Clutch rod
Clutch Rod 47 Kucklehead
Clutch rod mounting question
Clutch rusting up: wondering if this happens to anybody else
Clutch screwed up
Clutch slipping
Clutch slipping
Clutch slipping/ mouse trap not releasing
Clutch slips bad at 70 MPH/
Clutch spring adjustment ?
Clutch spring adjustment?
Clutch spring plate: what is the function
Clutch spring question
Clutch spring tools
Clutch springs
clutch springs
clutch springs
Clutch Springs
clutch springs
Clutch Springs (early vs. late)
clutch tamer
clutch tammer
Clutch tech info wanted
clutch throw out bearing
Clutch upgrade, add a mousetrap clutch
Clutch Won't Disengage
Clutch won't work
Clutch, Kicker or Clutch Control Problem?!?!
Clutches not fully disengaging
Diaphram clutch for a Panhead?
Do I really need a clutch hub puller?
Dry Clutch or Wet Clutch?
Early or Late style clutch
EFM "auto clutch"
Electric start clutch drum modification
Eliminate mousetrap
Energy One clutches
Finnicky clutch
fitting a suicide clutch
Foot clutch
Foot clutch adjustment
Foot clutch rocker shaft
Grabby clutch
hand clutch
HELP Mouse Trap Spec
How hard is it to rebuild the clutch
How many clutch disk ?
How much grease on clutch hub roller retainer?
How much Grease to clutch hub bearing?
How to install the Clutchbooster ('57 PAN)
Inconsistent clutch behavior
Installing Tamer
JP Cycles 3-stud Clutch Hub Reatainer
Kevlar clutch plates
Lee foot clutch
Looking for Rivera Proclutch advice
more clutch issues
Mouse Trap
Mouse trap adjustment
Mouse trap adjustment
Mouse trap spring ?
mouse ttrap cable
Mousetrap adjustment
Mousetrap adjustment
Mousetrap adjustment help
mousetrap clutch cable
Mousetrap Clutch Release Lever
Mousetrap conversion
mousetrap eliminator installation
Mousetrap Eliminator Kit
Mousetrap Eliminator proper setup/adjustment question....
Mousetrap eliminator questions
Mousetrap eliminator replacement cable
mousetrap help needed
mousetrap location
Mousetrap Location for 65-67
mousetrap value
Mousetrap with a diaphram spring clutch
Mousetrap/clutch ideas
MT eliminator
New clutch issue on the '55 FL
New Member - Clutch Issue - Please Help
Oil in clutch shell
Open Clutch
outer clutch hub drive keys
pan 65 clutch problems
pan aluminum clutch pressure plate question
panhead clutch hub destroyed
panhead rocker clutch pedal ?
Pressure plate
Primo Belt Drive Clutch Basket Bearing Race
Problem with Five Finger Clutch Hub
Proper adjustment procedure for mousetrap eliminator?
proper clutch springs for mouse trap
Pulling the Clutch Hub
Reverting back to a mouse trap
revtech pro clutch
Rip Van Winkle's Clutch
Rivera Pro clutch: any experiences
Rocker clutch
Rocker clutch diagram
Rocker Foot Clutch
Scorpion Clutch and mouse trap
Second Gear Hard to Find
Setting up a diaphragm spring clutch
Slipping clutch
Smoking clutch
starter clutch
Starter Clutch 49 Pan
Suicide clutch and a second cable to the handlebar
Suicide clutch and handlebar cable
Testing Shifting and Clutch on 60 Panhead
Transmission Clutch Release Stud
Transmission cork seal missing (clutch hub)
V twin rocker clutch
V-Twin - J&P Cycle clutch - Any Difference
What Clutch?
Where to measure clutch spring pressure on Panhead '56?
Which clutch ?
Who makes a good 3 stud clutch hub?
WLA45 clutch
WLC 1942 with Goulding sidecar clutch problem
woodruff key
York diaphram clutch

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