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Specific subjects:
Electrical system: 528 topics
.25 volt draw at battery with all wires off switch
12 V itty bitty battery
12 V itty bitty battery
12 volt battery
12 Volt Battery in 6 Volt Tank.
12 Volt Electronic Regulator
12 volt horn for 6 volt system
12 volt on the 48
12N5.5-3B battery cross reference
12N5.5-3B battery replacement
12V battery: where to get one
12v conversion- alternator or generator
12v regulator and alternator died for the 2nd time
12v sealed battery
12volt pan overcharging battery,again!!
15 amp breaker
1942 WLC Wiring Diagram
1949 Panhead
1949-1959 Black bucket headlight
1950 EL wiring
1951 fl horn switch wiring
1951 pan wire routing
1958 Panhead wiring
1958 tail light lens
1960 throttle coil routing
1961 FLHF electrical help
1961 Pan wiring question
1964 12V Battery Sizing and Solo Seat
1964 spotlight indicator lens color
1965 factory wiring routes
1965 starter motor interchangability
3-Brush 6V Solid State '38-57 Relay
32e replacement parts
48 Pan Tail light.
50 pan, 12V, kickstart
51 headlight switch wiring
54 back together, strange dash lights
54 FLH gen light
55 56 57 horn
55 tailight lens
56 Panhead cuts out when ignition switch turns on headlights
58 FL Wiring
59 pan 6 volt battery cable/wire ?
59/60 neutral light
6 to 12 volt conversion advantages
6 Volt & 12 Volt electrical systems
6 Volt adn 12 Volt bulbs
6 volt and 12 volt combination
6 volt battery for a Panhead
6 volt battery success stories
6 volt battery choices
6 volt battery replace with dry cell
6 volt battery replacement
6 volt battery standing voltage
6 volt cut out replacement
6 Volt Electronic Regulator - Samwell Supplies Netherlands
6 volt horn 1961
6 Volt LED Bulbs
6 volt LED lights
6 volt regulator
6 Volt Regulator and generator question
6 volt Regulator replacement/retrofit...............
6 Volt REGULATOR to replace Cutout Relay
6 volt sealed battery
6 volt sealed battery replacement
6 volt to 12 volt conversion
6 volt to 12 volt wiring diagram
6 volt turn signal flasher
6 volt turn signals
6 Volt Voltage Regulator
6 vs. 12 volt
6-Volt Battery Tenders - New & Used
60 Original Pan Charging System
62 3 light speedo base light sockets
63 Pan Charging with too high Voltage
63 panhead blowing fuses
64 DuoGlide Turn Signals
64 Front Signal mounting
65 electraglide electric problems
65 Electric start issues
65 electric start problem
65 fl starter shaft
65 FL wiring question
65FL Starter Switch
68540-64 flasher
68542-58A flasher kit
68543-61A 6 volt, 2 terminal turn signal flasher
6V - 12V
6V Batteries
6V charging question, GEN dash light.flickering
6v H2
6v mechanical regulator to 12v electronic regulator
6v to 12v on the cheap
6V to 12V shows discharge
6volt to 12volt
71292-62 3-lite Shield Install
7608 Fork Terminal Plate Nuts
A combination of generator & starter, is there such a thing
Adding an LED tail light (wiring question)
adding turn signals to a 50's era bike
Adding turn signals to a 58
Advantage of adding a starter relay on the 65 FLHs?
Advice needed on a lithium battery 51FL
after the burn
AGM Battery question
alternator conversion battery recommendation
alternator lash problems
Am I missing something?
ammeter gauge
Another 3 brush conversion question
another 65 wiring question
Another charging question
Another Cutoff Relay Issue.....
Another question re 6V to 12V
Another Regulator question
Another wiring question
antique looking wire
basic wiring diagram?
Bat. in parallel
Batteries - Again - want a ventless
Batteries in a Horseshoe tank
Battery - 6 volt dry type recommendation
Battery (Box)
Battery Acid
Battery acid damage
Battery and regulator
battery box 50 pan
Battery care
Battery charging
Battery cuts-off?
battery drain
Battery drain with lights on
Battery drain.....
Battery draw
Battery elimination
battery for alternator kit
Battery for low output generator
Battery issues
Battery problem
Battery Question
Battery source for *big* 6V battery, 66002-49AD
Battery Tender Question
Battery too big for 1954 generator
Battery Venting
Battery wiring
Bosch regulator wiring
Boy did I get lucky. Generator.
Brake lamp
Brake switch wires
Brush cover strap
Bulb Identification
Bulb needed
Bullett Light Repair Problem
Can anyone identify this Regulator
Can Terminal Boards be Illiminated
Can you use the stock trumpet horn with a magneto
Capacitor question
Capacitor: where to connect it on the electrical system
Charge circuit question/Panhead
charging 64 pan
Charging problem
Charging problem
Charging system analysis
charging system short
Charging woes
Cheap voltage regulator
Circuit Breaker Bracket Question
Circuit breaker short found
cloth cables
Cloth wire loom
Coil box
coil terminal block insulation
Coil wiring question
Conduit Routing of the "A" and "F" wires to the Generator ?
control coil fabric
Convert my 64 Hydra to a 65 Electra Glide?
Convert to 12V or upgrade the 6V?
converting to 12 volts
Correct wire loom routes
correct wiring questions
Cut out relay ???
Cutout relay/ control coil strap screws
Cycle Electric
cycle electric 12v conversion help
Cycle-Ray Headlight
Dash wiring isolation
Dashboard & Ignition Switch
dead battery
Dead Pan, Walking...
Delco cut out relay
Delco regulator adjustment
Delco Remy #16 horn adjustments
Delco Remy Starter
delco remy voltage regulator spec sheet?
Delco-remy starter parts
DH 49 Bullet lights
DH-50 stamped switch housing 71840-29
DH49 Guide Light Bulb Question...
Diaphragm horn overhaul procedure
Difficult to Remove Plug Wire from Coil, Grrr!
Dim Headlight
Dimmer/directional sw.
Dixie/Superior 20241 electronic 6v regulator
Duoglide switch terminals
Early pan brake switch
Electical challenge
Electric Frank's Regulator Question - Measuring Resistance
Electric Frank's Regulator with Generator Light
electric problem
Electrical 101
Electrical blues, the gen light won't go out
Electrical charging problems
Electrical gremlin
Electrical help...I keep blowing fuses
Electrical Issues
electrical issues
Electrical issues
Electrical issues: high voltage regulator
electrical mods
Electrical mystery
Electrical nightmare
Electrical nightmare
Electrical problem
Electrical problems with switch
Electrical problems, still
Electrical problems: advice needed
Electrical problems: lights worked until last year
Electrical Question RE:Terminal Box Insulation
Electrical question: second terminal board
Electrical terminal strip photo or drawing
Electrical troubleshooting request
Electrical woes on '52 FL
Electrical, Terminal Plate
Electricial failure
electrics 1950 pan
Elettronic cut-out relay: diode replacement
Engine dies when I turn the headlight on - any suggestions?
Engine quits when lights are turned on
Engine shuts down when I switch the lights on
fender light
Fender Light Assembly
Fender Light Repair
Flasher wire color
Flashing the field w/magneto-no battery
Fork terminal board
franks regulator hook up
Front fender lamp
Front fender light bulb? #63???
Front fork terminal board
front running lights
Front wiring terminal
fuses/circuit breakers
Gel cell batteries
Gen Info on Mechanical Regulators, I didn't know this...
GEN light and Charging
GEN light still on with the ign off
gen test
Gen. Light coming on
Gen/Oil Lens glass
generator and reg part numbers
Generator and regulator options
Generator and regulator troubleshooting
Generator tooth
Generator/Idiot light/relay wiring question
Generator/regulator wiring
Generator/regulator: having problems with charging system
Glide Front Terminal Plate Mounting
Great Plains AGM Batteries...bad news.
Guide headlight
Guide Light question
Guide SH-2 lamps
Handle bar wiring
Harley lights
Harness wire OEM colors
Has any body heard of this ?
Head light
HEAD lite question
Headlamp ground
Headlamp modulator scheme
Headlight Adjustment
headlight bulb
Headlight H4 type
Headlight improvement
Headlight Lens
Headlight rivets
Headlight switch
Headlight terminal gets hot?
Headlight wire leads
Headlight wiring and ground on a 1949
Help! Electrical question! Please.........
Help! I need to setup my generator correctly
Here's a strange one
High Voltage Output
Hooking up an auxiliary battery
Horn Switch rebuild
Horn Wire Routing
Horseshoe oil tank & battery box for sealed battery
Hot Relay!
how to check amp output on cycle electric gen with attached regulator
How to find voltage
How to identify generator and voltage regulator
How to run 12V lighting and accessories with a 6V charging system
Hydra Glide headlamp riddle
I broke the rules...
Idiot light with electronic regulator
ignition switch
Ignition Switch
Ignition Switch for '54 FL.
Ignition switch for Hummer tank
Ignition switch on/off
ignition switch question
Ignition switch started messing up
Ignition switch: gen and oil pressure lights stay on
Ignition switch: make more than one terminal "hot"
ignition switch/ wiring trouble and pics of the new pan
In line fuse from battery
Indian battery
Installing a CE Generator with built in End Regulator !
is this normal?
It's alive, but the gen light will not go off
Its time to Buy a New 6 Volt H-2
Key switch problem
Kill Switch
L.E.D. Lightbulb ?
Late Pan Neutral Switch Power
Later model 12V generator on a 1961 FLH
LED Bulb for '59 Neutral Indicator Light?
LED H4 Headlight Buld
LED madness
LED tail light /Blinker light conversion.
LED taillight/signal bulbs
Left hand thread nut?
Light bulb for Guide 2025-A??????????
Location of Terminal Plate & Box ?
Looking for a 12v horn for my 49 hydra glide
Looking for N.O.S. panhead wiring Top dollar paid
Low charge to the battery from the 6-volt system
Magneto or not: improve performance
Main fuse -- where is it?
Marker & Signal lights Help
mechanical voltage reulator
Mini Alternater Noise
Mini Battery and High output Generator ???
model 51 fan cooled generator repair
Model 52 generator
modified wiring question
More electrical problems
Need voltage regulator area photo
need 59 pan tailite gaskets
need 59 pan wiring diagram showing signal lites
Need help about wiring diagram Panhead 48
need help tracing my wiring routes.
Need help wiring up cycle electric generator/ regulator
Need Non-Insulated WIre Terminals & Crimp Tool
Need picture of horn 69001-48a
Need some help with 60FL wire routing
new battery ?
New battery for stock 58 Duo Glide
No Electrics
Not charging
Opinion on wiring harness.
Pan Regulator/Batt. Problem ???
panhead battery driving me nuts!
Panhead electrical relocation question
Panhead Ignition Switch
Panhead RH-55 tail lamp
Panhead Wiring
Panhead wiring and cables ??? replacements
Panhead wiring harness-Homemade or Reproduction
Part Number for Turn Signal Switch
Partial LED running light burnout
Passing light indicator lamp
pilot light lenses
Polarize every time?
Polarize regulator or generator?
Polarize system
Police generator 52r
problems with the charging system, battery draining
Proper routing for wiring
Pros and cons of 12v vs 6v
quick wiring question
Quick wiring question
RE: Ammeter Wiring, 12V
Re: What type of regulator
Rear Brake Tail Lamp Switch Assembly
Rear Directional Signal lamps on 1964
Rear fender wiring channel
Regulator failure
Regulator problems
relay style regulator
Reliable 6 volt battery
Repairing Guide DH-49 Bullet Lights
Replacement wiring harness
replacing a H2 Battery Advice Needed !
Replacing Dash Light Sockets
Replica Wiring Kits
Repop ignition switches for big twins
Rewireing 48 Pan
Right fuse for my panhead?
Routing for positive cable on 1965 FL
Running lights replacements
Sealed battery
Sealed battery for 56
Shimming generator
Signal Lamp Crater Style Lenses.
signal lights 53 F L
Sneaky Solid state 12v reg. Under 6v cover
Soild regulator?? I have
solenoid problem
Solid state regulator
Solid State Regulator
Sometimes the starter button works but now nothing...
Spark Coil Polarity
speedo bulb
Speedo Light Socket
Spot Light Lights of '61?
spot light wire
Spotlight mounts
Spotlight wiring diagram
Springer Front fender lamp
Springer headlight
Springer Headlight
Springer headlight
Springer horn covers
Starter for 65 FLH available?
starter relay
starter relay wiring
starter relay?
Strange electrical issue 55 FL
strange electrical problem need help
strange headlight lens
Strange LED tail light happenings
switch to 12V or not ?
System not charging
Tail lamp socket
Tail Lamp Wire Routing
tail lights
Tailight gasket
Taillight burn out problem
Taillight wiring harness routing
Temperature compensation for battery
Terminal board behind cowl question
Terminal Box and coil mounting question
Terminal Box mounting(placement of hardware)
Timer wire route
Tool battery
Trailer Break-Away Battery for 12 Volt Panhead
tried to start, the neutral light went out, button quit
Trouble with battery eliminator
Troubleshoot End Mount Regulator on Generator
Trumpet Horn Ground?
turn signal flasher
Turn Signal Flasher: 6 volt
Turn Signals
Turn Signals
Turn Signals? (other Electrical and Myrtle Fall Rally)
vfactor end regulator and generator wiring
volt headlamp ground
voltage at battery
Voltage regulator
Voltage regulator
Voltage Regulator
Voltage Regulator and Generator troubleshooting
Voltage Regulator Bad?
Voltage regulator problem
Voltage swings
Vtronic timers
VW regulator wiring
WANTED - NON Functional Delco Remy Regulator
WAY too much battery voltage
What batteries do you use, + an electrical question
what does this sound like?
What is typical regulator leakage current?
when kicking battery drains down
Where to buy asphault wire cover
Why are Maintenance FREE batterys harder to re charge ?
Wire connectors at generator relay
Wire gauge size
wire harness routing
Wire Harness Routing
Wire lengths?
Wire loom capacity
Wire route
wire routing
Wire routing
Wire Routing
Wire routing - 60 pan
Wire Routing Help
Wireing pics.
Wiring a 1946 WL
wiring again on 50 stock pan
Wiring Crimp Tool & Terminals
Wiring for 12 volts
Wiring Harness For '59-64 & Vintage Twin "Hollister
Wiring harness for 12 V 1954 Panhead
Wiring harness replacing questions: which type to select
Wiring harness routing
Wiring in a fuse.
wiring information help
Wiring Issue
wiring on genarator end regulator
Wiring problem
Wiring question
Wiring Question
Wiring question
Wiring Question
Wiring Question ??
wiring switch
wiring terminal
Wiring terminals
wiring up spot lights
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