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Cylinderheads: 296 topics
'50-'54 Heads
1948 heads spigot repair
1948 rear head leak
1950 - 1954 heads
1955 Cylinder Heads
1956 head with plumber intake
1962 Head vs 1952 Head
1964 Head rebuild
1965 heads
1965 heads markings
2 Head Bolts on removal dump oil
3 5/8th inch heads on 74/80 inch cylinders
48 Pan Rocker question.
49 Pan Rocker Cover Question
49 Pan Rocker Cover Question
55 Pan D-Rings
55 Pan valve covers
57 FLH rear head removal and torquing?
63 valve seat
accurately torque pan heads
Aftermarket heads
ANother head for you viewing pleasure
Another Leak On Valve Cover(s)
Another set of heads to view
Are these stock D-Rings for a 51 Pan?
bad 1963 rear head.
Bad front head - Who will fix it? -Best reproduction?
best quality pan heaad gasket sets
Best repop heads??
Best source for Pan Valves.
Best Valve Spring Compressor Tool?
Blasting heads
Blowing head gaskets on 1959 Pan
Blowing wind
Blown head gasket on the front!
Brand New STD heads Leaking
Broken Rocker Arm
Can I remove the valve covers wth the engine installed?
Carl's Cycle to Make Knuckle and Pan Rear Headers
checking valve clearance
Chevy valves in pan
closing intake valves
Cometic head gaskets
Cool tool: 25 deg. temp diff in heads
Cork or Accurate Rocker Gaskets
covers leaking
crack in cumbustion chamber
crack in head, intake port to head bolt to outside
Crack in heads?
Cracked Head Now What?
cracked head - intake port; best fix?
Cracked head.
Cracked heads
Cracked heads
Cracked Rocker Base
Cracks in my head!
Cracks in the Oil Return Passage
Cylinder head bolt question.
Cylinder head bolts: a good way to get a wrench on them
Cylinder head broken exhaust port/spigot
Cylinder head identification
Cylinder Head Intake Question
Cylinder head spigot
cylinder head temperature
D rings
D-Ring Fitment
Damaged exhaust port repair
different style pans (rocker box)
discoloration of pan covers(heat?)
early heads on 63 cases
Engine temperature: what normal cyclinder head temperature
Exhaust port tricks
Exhaust spiggots
exhaust spigots
Exhaust stubs
Exhaust valve seat came out completely
FL vs FLH heads
FLE Heads vs. FLH Heads
flh heads
FLH versus FL Heads
Front Cylinder Head Gasket Change.`
Gasket between pan and head
Genuine James blue teflon head gaskets
Good fitting rocker covers?
Head Alignment
Head bolt choice?
Head bolt stretch, numbers, tensile spec
Head bolt torque
Head bolt torque with dual pipes
Head bolt wrench questions
head bolts
Head bolts
Head bolts #
Head cracks: this may be a Cotten question...
Head gasket
Head gasket and intake leaks. Can I wait?
Head gasket question
Head gasket questions
head gaskets
Head Gaskets
Head Gaskets
Head Gaskets
Head Gaskets
Head gaskets
head porosity fix?
Head puzzle
Head question
head question
Head Repair
Head Repair
Head Repair
Head repair and machining in SoCal
Head Restoration
Head restoration
Head swap
Head work
Head work and a few questions/thoughts
Head/valves problems 1950 Panhead
headbolt re - torque
Heads - Rebuild
Heads back from Head Hog
heads torqued
Heads you win
Heads. When to hold when to fold?
HEAT on EX. from leaky pipe!
Hot front head
How to measure tolerance cylinder head
How You Torque Head Bolts
intake valve oiler
Intake valve oilers
Intake Valve oilers - Missing
James fire ring head gaskets
Junk head to cut fins off of to repair my set
KNUK-EX. Guide in Pan!
leaking intake valve
Leaking Rocker Covers
Life expectancy of rocker arms/rocker bearings
Loud valve
Lower valve spring seat
Lurking awhile
Mismatched Heads
Missing valve springs?
Mixing and matching heads and cases
Modifying rocker block caps
My new rockers do not look the same
My new to me heads...
My take on the rubber rocker gasket
New STD head problem
New STD heads
newer heads on oler pan
noise in rocker box
Noisy valvetrain? Rockers?
Noob head question
Oil to heads problem 53 Pan
Outside Oiler Heads
Pan Cover Felts
Pan cover felt glue / Gorilla snot
Pan cover gaskets
Pan cover gaskets replacement
Pan cover screws
Pan covers
Pan Exaust question
Pan exhaust spigots
Pan head rocker blocks
Pan oversize valves
Pan Rockers.
Pan Shovel heads
Panhead D-rings - When are the needed?
Panhead exhaust spigot diameter
Panhead head gaskets
panhead rocker arm ratio
Panhead Rocker Arm Restoration
Panhead rocker assembly
Panhead rocker gasket leak...questions...
Panhead Rocker Oiler questions
Panhead rocker rebuilding
panhead rocker tightness
Panhead rockers
Panhead rockers
Panhead Rockers
Panhead Rockers
Panhead valve cover screw thread size
panhead valve cover screws
Panhead valve oilers
Panhead valve seat eplacement
panhead vave seats
Paughco Valve covers
porosity it the heads
Random smoking from front exhaust
re-torque Pan-Heads
rear head clearance
Remove heads - with engine still in frame?
Removing Carbon on Heads
Reproduction Heads
retorque on the heads
Rocker arm
rocker arm assembly/ valve cover questions
Rocker arm bearings, drill the hole on top?
Rocker Arm Cover Felt
rocker arm cover pad gasket
rocker arm covers
Rocker Arm Oil Hole Question (Help)
rocker arm studs
Rocker arms and bases
Rocker arms: quality aftermarket source
Rocker assembly end play
Rocker bearing tightness question
Rocker binding
Rocker block nuts
Rocker Blocks Wearing out fast!
Rocker Cover Clearance..and more!
Rocker cover question
Rocker Covers - High End After Market - Worth The Cost??
Rocker covers that eat gaskets
rocker gasket frustration
Rocker gasket replacement
Rocker shaft end play
Rocker stud replacement
Rockerbox tin (cakepans)
Rockers pics
S&S 3 5/8" Cylinder Head Gaskets
Scratches on inside of cylinder head combustion chamber
Shimming valve springs
shovel heads on panhead barrels
silicon valve cover gaskets
Snapped Head Bolt Remover Tool
spark plug hole
Special parts to avoid retainer hitting valve cover?
spigot break pic
Stainless Steel valve covers
STD heads
STD heads and Shovel intake ports
std heads experiences asked
STD heads info request
STD heads: a viable option?
STD heads: cam lift, duration and other specs Shovel specs
STD heads: lap valve seats
STD Replica Heads
STD still making heads?
Suggestions for removing paint from heads
Tappets too tight.
The going rate for parts
The Heads are Stuck to the Barrels - any Ideas?
The shrinking inch (rocker assemblies onto new STD heads)
Tin gaskets: whats the thin one for
To Do Rocker Bearing Modifications?
Torque speck for rockers
torquing head bolts
v-twin cam covers for Panheads
V-Twin heads
V-Twin heads what spark plug?
V-Twin repop heads... Yea or nay????
V-Twin Stainless Rocker Covers
Value of heads
Valve adjustment on 1949
Valve Adjustment question
Valve clearance with solid lifters
valve cover gaskets
Valve cover interference with pads
Valve cover torque
Valve covers
Valve covers
Valve covers: aluminum, stainless steel,steel
Valve Guide seals on Pans?
Valve Guide Std. Size
Valve guides
Valve guides
Valve problem : intake / exhaust
valve seals
Valve seals
valve seat depth what isoptimum?
valve seat material
Valve seat replacements
valve seat width (margin)
valve seats
Valve seats
Valve seats
Valve seats.
Valve starts to tap
Valve stem
valve sticking???
Valve tappet cage
Valves - do you think I'm pushing my luck here?
vulcanworks panhead rocker arms
Welded exhaust ports on heads
Where to buy Inner Valve Springs?
Who does head work/repair ?
Yet ANOTHER head bolt torque question...
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