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Lubrication System (oil feed pump and scavenger pump, reservoir, filter, and lines): 425 topics
'56 FLH oil pump rebuild
'65 Oil Lines
1941-1949 Oil Pump (Rep.)
1948 panhead breather ports ?
1949 EL - Oil filter standard or optional
1949 oil feed
1949 Oil Pump
1949 pan oil pump parts
1960 FL crankcase breather/primary oiler
1962 oil pump cover gasket
1964 FLH
1965 Panhead oil pump drive shaft
1965 want to delete primary oiler
2 different panhead oil pump bodys
3" pipe in oil drain plug?
48 oil pump
49 tappet filter screen or what should be thtere
51 Panhead looses oil pressure
55 Pan Oil problem
57 pan oiling /breathing issue
57 panhead oiling
58 Pan Oil pump shaft keys
58 Pan with S&S oil pump
59 pan early model or late ?? FLH2101
60 FL with SS Oil Pump: Oil leaking
60 FL with SS Oil Pump: Oil leaking UPDATE
63 oiling
63 OS oiler case fitting
63 outside oil lines
65 oil pump
65 outside oilers
67-72 oil pump on a 63 pan
A lot of oil from wet sumping.....
adjustable oil pump
After this, no oil on the floor..
Aluminum oil lines
Another fricking oil leak thread...need help
Another Oil Pump Question....
Bad Oil Pump?
been a while, what oil you guys runnin in pans now
Best oil for a 1963 panhead
best oil pump for v-twin 52 pan cases.
Blocking an oil passage
blocking off priamry oiler
Bolt Thread
Break -in oil
Break-in oil
breather / chain oiler
Breather filter
Breather Hose
broken pan!!!!!!
Cad Oil Lines
Can it work??
canister oil filter
Cannister oil filter leak
Cast iron pump idler shaft
chain oiler
Chain oiler
chain oiler fitment.
Chain oiler Screw
check ball seat photo/Is this normal??
Checking oil flow
Clamp-on oil filter on the right front wishbone
closed primary...can I???
Cloth Braided Oil Line Conversion
Constant feed pinion shaft
Contollamp for Oil
Correct Oil line flare
Crankcase Breather Blew all my Oil Out
Crankcase breather seems to have too much blow-by
Cylinder oil return hole
Damaged Threads on oil pump gear cover
Damanged vent nipple threads
Does anyone run Valvoline 60 weight?
Duo Glide Oil lines
early panhead oil pressure issues
Engine oil
Engine oils
Excessive Oil from drain tube.
Excessive static Sumping
External Oil Filter
External oil filter change
external oiling
External Top End Oiler on 56 Pan
Feeding Heads
filter question
foaming oil
Front chain oiler.
Full-flow oil circulation for flathead
Gearing an oil pump
Geologists discover untapped oil reserve
Get rid of the oil filter?
Going back to an original oil pump
HES full flow pinion bushing
Hi from new chap with a question about 9/16 -24 oil fittings
Hot or cold oil level
How do you know the oil tank is full
How does sumping end?
How much oil is normal
How to change external oil filter
hydra glide oil pump
I hate to ask another OIL PRESSURE question
Initial setting for the primary chain oiler
Is this drip from a leaking checkball? 55 FL
late pan early shovel oil pump
Late pan oil pump
Leak above oil pump
Leakin Oil
Leaking oil
Leaking/burning oil
Leaky oil pump
Lockhart Cooler for 1965 FLH Pan?
Losing oil pressure
Loss of oil pressure
Low Oil Pressure
Low oil pressure
Low oil pressure is good
Low oil pressure question
Lubricantion/around the block oil starvation
lucas oil
Lucas Oil Stabilizer in a Pan Head ?
Machining for outside oiler
Major oil loss
Marvel mystery oil instead of lead additive
Massive oil leak
Messing With Rigid Oil Lines
Motor Oil
Multigrade oil or straight grade for Panheads
My '54 oiling system
Need "Oil Pump for Dummies" info
Need help identifying correct oil lines
need hidden mounting screw for oil pump!
Need oil filter gaskets
New oil pump
New oil pump, bike blowing out a ton of oil
New oilpump - oil leaking from primary cover
No oil at tappet screen??
No Oil Leaving Oil Pump!
Non OEM oil filter placement on 1960 Pan
not oiling primary chain
nuts & bolts& oil pump
Oil Valvoline 60
oil bag overfull
oil breather need some help !!!!
oil change
Oil circulation expert needed
Oil coming from Crankcase breather
oil cooler
Oil cooler
Oil drain plug with valve
Oil drains out when long time parking
Oil filter
Oil filter
Oil Filter
Oil Filter Bracket
Oil filter canister leak
Oil filter cover
Oil filter gasket
Oil filter location ???
oil filter mount
Oil Filter Mount & Fender Light
Oil Filter Mounting
Oil filter on flathead
Oil filter or not
Oil filter question
Oil Filter support arm
Oil Filters
Oil filters and coolers for 1954
Oil flow
Oil flow schematic for 1959 Panhead
Oil for motor break in.
oil for panhead
Oil from Breather running
Oil gauge does not work
Oil gauge or oil light ? Opinions
Oil hole
oil in primary case
oil leak
Oil Leak - Bottom of Filter
oil leak lower push rod tubes
Oil leak questions
Oil leaks
Oil levels. And type of oil.
oil light
Oil Light and oil gauge fitting for both
Oil light comes on after bike gets hot
Oil Light Switch
oil line connection options?
Oil Line From Tank to Pump
oil line routing
oil line routing and pressure
Oil LIne Threads
oil lines
Oil lines
Oil lines
Oil Lines
Oil Lines - 1/4"; 5/16"; or 3/8"??
Oil Lines dry threads or sealer?
Oil passage for oiler heads
Oil passage in cases for hydraulic lifters
Oil pressure
oil pressure
Oil pressure (oil light flickering)
Oil Pressure & Flow
Oil pressure adjustment
oil pressure fitting
Oil pressure gauge
Oil pressure gauge
Oil pressure gauge for oil tappet screen hole
Oil Pressure issue?
Oil pressure on my Pan
Oil pressure question
Oil pressure reading
Oil pressure sender (repop) set too high
Oil Pressure Sending Unit
Oil Pressure sending unit
Oil pressure sending unit stays out, even with key on
Oil pressure sending unit: I decided to test mine
Oil pressure switch
Oil pressure switch
Oil Pressure Switch weep hole????
Oil pressure to high?
Oil problem-advice needed
oil problems
Oil puke problem
oil puking from breather and generator
oil pump
Oil pump
Oil pump
Oil Pump
Oil pump
oil pump
oil pump
Oil Pump
Oil pump & #vin numbers (new cases)
Oil pump and filter piping
Oil pump ballcheck burnisher tool
Oil Pump burnisher revisited
Oil pump burnishing tool
oil pump bushing replacement
Oil pump by-pass valve
Oil Pump Check and Relief Springs, Which is Which?
oil pump check ball and spring
Oil Pump Check Ball Cap Screw
oil pump check valve .
Oil pump check valve seat--replacement
Oil pump check valve.
Oil pump check/ relief springs
Oil pump conversion: drill new passages
oil pump cover
Oil pump damage.
oil pump drive gear frustrating me, any suggestions?
oil pump drive gears
oil pump drive gears upgrade
Oil pump drive shaft removal
Oil pump for STD crankcase
oil pump gear keys
Oil Pump Gear Swap
Oil pump gears
Oil pump information.
Oil pump issues. Need help troubleshooting.
oil pump leak
Oil Pump Oiler Connection
Oil Pump Pinion Gear
Oil pump pressure adjustment
Oil pump problem.
oil pump problems
Oil pump problems
Oil pump problems: drive gear and key layin in there
oil pump question
Oil pump question
Oil Pump Question
oil pump question
Oil pump question: do the 50-52 pumps work much better
Oil pump question: I'm looking to upgrade the oil pump
Oil Pump Question?
Oil Pump Rebuild kit
Oil pump seccond opinion
Oil pump studs
Oil pump upgrade
oil pump without chain oiler adjusting screw
Oil pump woes
oil pump wsitch and light.
Oil pump: the primary fills with oil
Oil pump: no oil flow at all
Oil Purge
Oil running out of chain oiler
Oil screen
Oil Screen
oil seeping out of the breather hole.
Oil shooting out of the breather tube
Oil shut-off valve
Oil sumping
Oil Sumping on 51 Panhead
Oil supply and return lines
Oil supply line source
Oil System Modifications
Oil system questions
Oil tank lines
oil tank pressure
Oil tank pressure
Oil Tank Return Line
Oil Temp
Oil temperature problem?
Oil, single or multigrade
Oil: what type to use
Oil: which one is favorite
Oilline routing on Panhead 56'
oli pump on a 63 pan
Original "horse hair" drop in oil filters
Original Oil Pump or S&S
outside oiler heads
Outside oilers/s&s gear cover
pan rocker cover felt pads and tappet screen
Panhead 53. pull out oil
Panhead Knucklehead oil pump
panhead life blood
Panhead oil filter?
panhead oil line nipple nuts
Panhead Oil Pressure Gauge
Panhead oil pump
panhead oil pump
Panhead Oil Tank Return line fitting Question
Panhead Outside Oiling
PanHeads and Oil Coolers
Permanent Oil to primary shut off???
Plugged breather, am I up sh*t creek?
Pre 1962 oil pump
primarl hose
primary chain lube and other questions.
Primary Chain Lubrication
Primary chain lubrication / oil return
Primary chain lubrication of 1950 FL
primary chain oiler
primary chain oiler
Primary chain oiler
Primary chain oiler: turning off
Primary fluid for 1949 pan
Primary oil
Primary oiler
Primary oiler reroute
Problem with oil line fittings
Puking Pan
Quick Newbie Lubrication Question
Re Changing ALL the oil
Re Oil in the sump: Changing ALL the oil
Rear Chain Oiler on WLA
Reed valve in a'48 panhead?
relief valve spring
remote filter
remote filter 48 cast pump cover
Remote oil filter
remote oil filter leaking
reproduction iron oil pump
RETAINING RING size for 59 oil pump
Revtech oil pump info
Revtech pure oil 60 wght. - Good for '51 stock Pan?
rubber oil lines
S@S billit oil pump installation
S&S oil pump
S&S Oil Pump
S&S Oil Pump 31-6200
S&S oil pump oil hole identification
SAE 50
seat tool
should a 50 FL primary not return its oil to tank
Shovel pump on a 52, which gasket?
shovelhead oil pump on 59 panhead
Side oiler/end oiler
Singel grade oil.
Smoke from breather
SOME new OIL-FILTER I havent used before!-----(58flh)
spin on filter
Spin On Filter versus Canister
Sumped. Whats gonna happen?
sumping after rebuilt top end
Sumping Blues
Sumping Help!
Sumping Oil Pump Ball Check Seat Burnisher back-step
sumping question
Swapping oil pumps
Switch screen
Synthetic oil
Synthetic oil and horsepower increase
Synthetic oil in HDs
Synthetic oil or not
Synthetic oil: anyone run synthetic 50-60 weight oil
Synthetic Oils
Tappet Oil Screen Help
Tappet oil screen plug
Tappet screen asmbly
tappet screen replacement
temp oil filter for 50 fl
Testing for oil leaks with air pressure
The 10 minute oil leak fix
Tips on the OE-style oil lines
Too much filter???
Too much oil on the floor
Trail of Shame
Trans oil
Ultima oil pump
V-Twin 12-9931 oil pump: no pressure
Vent Oil Line
Very leaky 1963 Panhead
Vulcan Eng oil line kit
Water in the oil bag
What about a oil flow meter??
What kind of oil
What kind of oil?
What oil pump to use
Where should the oil lines be connected to
Which oil are you using
Winter oil
WITH PICS - Head and Engine Oil Lines Question
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