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Specific Motor categories:
Bottom End (cases and crankshaft)
Top End (cylinders, pushrods etc.)
Gear Case (cams, idlers, cam cover)
Lubrication System (oil feed pump and scavenger pump, reservoir, filter, and lines)
Bottom End (cases and crankshaft): 276 topics
'48 pan crankcase oil leak
'54 crankcase rollers
'61 Pan...can I turn the crankcase vent tube ?
1942 WLA balance factor
1948 panhead flywheel end play
1949 oil leak
1951 Flywheel timing mark question
1951 pan engine case leak
1952 pan sprocket shaft seal
1953 Panhead sprocket shaft change
1954 left case no oil drain plug
1956 FL tappet screen missing
1956 Rebuild
1958-1962 right case
1962 Panhead cases..
1963 FL front engine sprocket seal
1965 crankcase vent
48 Panhead pinion race
49 EL Engine question
49 Right side case
54 panhead belt drive needs mainshaft seal
57 panhead flywheel timimg marks
58 Panhead, primary breather pipe
58FL engine disassembly
59 pan primary drain tube
61 left side case?
61 pan tappet screen
65 Tappet oil passage
about cases
Adjusting Crane hydraulic units
Advice on breather hole bore / reed valve breather
Allowable play in front connecting rod??
Aluminum -vs- Steel Lifter Blocks on a 1951 Pan
Aluminum in tappet screen
Another bloody oil leak
Bad case of cases
Belly numbers
bench centers
Big End Seal leak?
Blind case bolt hole has a crack
Bonneville brand cases
bonneville cases
Bottom end Assembly
Bottom end condition
bottom end question
Breather filter or T tap
Breather gear
Breather modification to avoid the breather misting oil
Breather pipe for Pan motor w/ open primary
Breather screen
breather screen & separator when installation?
Breather tube & belt drive
Broken Left Side Motor Case
Buying Used Flywheels
Can primary vent be plugged off ?
Can't set up flywheel endplay
Case crackes
Case cracks
Case exploded! This can't be good
Case finish after welding
Case lapping tool
Case mating
Case Oil Screen bit me
Case repair
case repair
Case repair fitness evaluation
case repair shop --50 FL
Case Repair?
case sealant
Case sealer
Cases Installation
Cases matching (61" with 74")
Cases question
Cases...to repair or not to repair
Causes of Oil leaking from rear tappet block?
center case stud
Cleaning (de-oiling) cases
Cleaning inside the cases
Connecting rods
Cotten! Ya been here before?
CPC Engine Case
Cracked case repair: can this crack be safely welded
Cracked tappet guide
Crank Case
Crank case breather
Crank Case Check Valve
Crank case markings
Crank Case Repair?
Crank oil seal leaking
Crank pin roller retainer material
Crank pin washers
crank rollers
crank vent on 65FLH
Crankcase breather options
Crankcase breather pipe and belt primary
Crankcase breather pipe set-up
Crankcase breather redirect and belt drive
Crankcase Breather Vent Tube
Crankcase breather vent tube 2
Crankcase bushing right side
Crankcase Motor Mount Welding
Crankcase not venting correctly
crankcase shims
Crankcase stud
Crankcase Vent
Crankcase vent
Crankcase ventilation
Crankpin advise needed
crankpin tapers
Crankshaft /flywheel problem - help requested
crankshaft thrust washer clearance question.
Cryogenic treatment cases
cylinder base and cam cover nuts/bolts (custom )
Does a 52 pan have BOTH front & rear cylinder timing marks?
Dowel Pin size.
early panhead cases can you convert to timken bearing wheels
Engine case seal
Engine main seal
Engine Sprocket Seal
FL case repair
Fly wheels
Fly wheels
Flywheel assembly
Flywheel Assembly...
Flywheel assy, Balancing.
Flywheel Balance Factor
flywheel balancing
Flywheel question
Flywheels, stock or lightweight?
Front Crankcase to Frame Bolts
Honing a lifter base
Hyd. tappets
hydraulic tappet insert
I think I've got a Shovel crank in my Pan...
INSPECTION hole broken (panhead)
Leaking timing gear cover
Left case primary mod question
Left side sprocket seal
Lifter Block Bolt Hole Repairs
Lifter question: solid of hydraulic
line lap question
Location of balancing holes in flywheel?
Location of crankcase vent on 62
Lower end timken setup, bearing preload/play 1959FL
Main Seal Leak on 1961 Pan FLH
Matching the engine cases
Metal in my oil question *Now with Pics*
Mis-matched cases,early pan
Mismatched crankcases
Motor mount
need new cases
Need to lower end work?
No flywheel marks
oil breather
oil leak at tappet block
oil leak froms sprocket shaft side of cases
oil pump drive gear shaft bushing
Oil restrictor for 50FL bottom end?
Paint the inside of the cases
Panhead '49: belly seam begin to leak oil
Panhead 1952 Case ...
panhead bottom identification
panhead breather tube
Panhead engine cases - painted or not?
Panhead flywheels
Panhead Oil Separator and Screen Questions
Panhead Right Side Case Boss???
Panhead trivia question?
Pankenstien fitment of cases, flywheels and shaftssss
Pinion nut torque
pinion shaft bearing side play
Pinion shaft nut torq
Piston Boss Orientation
Piston broke
Piston wrist pin reamers
Prefered method of sealing cases?
pressure build up in lower end
Presurising Lower End with a Grease Gun
Problem with Lifter Blocks
Push rod end size question
Question about my cases
Question about sprocket shaft bearing nut
Question about sprocket shafts
quick timing question
Real crappy set of 49 cases.
Real nice set of 59 cases.
Regulator/timer adjuster mount
removal of pimion shaft
Replacement Left Side Case?
Replacement lifter block -Oil passages?
replacing engine seal
RHS Crankcase on Panheads
right case bearing washer clearance
Rod Bearings
Rod End Shake - Too much?
Rod Play
rod roller question
roller to timkin conversion
S & S pistons
S & S Reproduction Engine Cases
S&S Flywheels
Salvaging flywheels
seperator and screen
setting up the bottom end
shovel cases panheads amd no oil to the heads
Shovel left case mated to a pan right side case
Shovelhead lifter block on '51 Pan?
side play between rod and flywheel
sidecar front end Timken bearing question
sifton lifters
Sloppy connecting rods
snapped pinion shaft
Specialty tools
Splitting cases
Sprocket Shaft / flywheel Question
Sprocket shaft bearing nut
sprocket shaft bearing nut 24031-55
Sprocket shaft leakage q
sprocket shaft seal
Sprocket shaft: which shaft use to align
Sproket shaft seal renewal procedure ?
STD cases and sumping issue
STD cases: need help
STD gen/alt panhead type case, pinion bearing spec?
Stock flywheels 1951 pan
Stripped timing hole
tappet block fitment
Tappet block screws loosening
tappet bore wear
Tappet diameter
Tappet guide fitment
Tappet question
Tappet Roller Side Clearance
Tappet rollers
tappet rollers R&R
Tappet screen screw leaking?
Tappet screen with or without checkball?
Tappet to guide clearence ?
These look interesting.
Thoroughly confused... Breather tube won't fit
Timed breather gear
Timing cover question
Timing hole plug finally blew out
Timing inspection hole
Timing plug: take out with the motor running
Timken Bearing Replacement
Timken left case bearings 56Pan.
TOKO brand tappet assemblies
ul flywheels in my pan !!
used flywheel assembly
V Twin Sifton Tappets
VelvaTouch lifter kits
Welding front motor mount.
What does this timing mark mean?
What is the crankcase breather separator/screen for?
what year flywheels
Who does good engine case repairs?
Worn tappet blocks
Worried about tappet rollers
Wrist pin fit
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