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Specific subjects:
Fenders, Primary, Tanks & Paint
Frame & Fittings
Handlebars & Cables
Speedometer, Dashboard & Instruments
Fenders, Primary, Tanks & Paint: 429 topics
`955-57 rear fender
'36-57 Oil Tank
'49-84 "Fitz-All" Front Fender Nov. 23, 06
'62 tank paint details
'65 paint
1939-1954 tail lamp fender holes
1947-1950 tank badges
1949 Congo Green Metalic paint
1949 Gas tank fuel shut off install question
1949 Repop Fender Tips: who makes the best or 4sale
1949 Tank Emblem Screws?
1949-1951 rear fender
1950 FL Paint Question - What Have I Got
1950 Paint Color Options
1950 rear fender plus oil tank mounting question
1951 Rio Blue
1951-54 rear fender
1952 fender(s)
1953 Fender
1953 OHV deluxe fender emblem
1954 anniversary emblem fit
1954 Front Fender "Medallion" ?
1954 Front Fender Emblem
1954 Pepper Red paint
1954 Tank Emblems?
1955 frt fender emblem location
1955 gas tank
1955 paint samples
1955 rigid rear fender mount
1956 FL Gas Tank Templates Needed
1956 flh buffalo police colour
1957 & 1959 Fenders
1957 FLH paint scheme
1958 FLH sabre gray metalic paint
1958 Panhead Colors
1958 style Primary
1958- early 1980 front bumper spacers thickness???
1959 Duo-Glide colors
1959 Paint Scheme
1959 rear fender
1959 tank badges
1960 FL fuel tank interconnect line
1960 FLH Oil Tank Bracket
1960 FLH tank emblem color
1960 Gas tank paint scheme
1961 - 1962 panhead footshift tanks
1961 FLH tank emblem ..how to tell if OEM ??
1961 oiltank different than 1959.
1961-1964 FLH oil tank decal placement
1961/1962 Harley OEM gas tanks with emblems on ebay.ca $.10
1962 G54 gas tanks
1963 DuoGlide Oil Tank
1964 FLH tanks
1965 FL paint schemes
1965 FLH fuel tank emblems
1965 fuel tanks
1965 Panhead tin-style primary cover?
2 holes for wiring on the left side of my fender ?
3.5 gal or 5 gal dimensions
45"Flathead 57-58 tank emblem removal.
47-50 tank emblems and mounts
48-50 Gas tank emblem mount plates
48-54 inner primary different than 55-64. early has hole
49 Panhead tanks.
49, 50 sergeant stripes
5 gal. tanks
51 fender trim
51 to 54 pan tanks
55 56 badges
55 56 Tank badges. Original or reproductions.
56 fender issue
56 panhead tank emblems
56 panhead tank stripes
56 tank emblems
56 tank stripes
57 paint scheme
58 rear fender
58-64 Oil Tank Diminsions
58-72 front fender
59 pan.. How does the rubber tank filler strip fit in ??
59.. rear fender suport & rear bumper mounting ???
60 Fl rear fender
60 Rear Fender
60FLH Oil tank decals
61 Flh gas tank shut off rod knob
62 pan tank paint scheme
63 Fat Bob Tanks
63 gas tank question.
65 inner primary bearing
65 pan 5 gal or 3.5 gal tanks??
65 pan inner primary
65 Panhead Fuel tanks
a few questions on gas line, switch placement
A Shriner's Bike
Aftermarket gas tanks
Aftermarket Gas Tanks
Aftermarket Oil Tank
Another stupid paint question
Atomic Blue
Birch White paint
Birch White paint
Birch White paint....same as it ever was
Black primary cover
Black spray can paint
Body filler on an oil tank.
body work and painting on pan fenders - tanks
Cadmium plating
Cadmium plating
Can a front fender be put on this thing
Can Someone Tell Me What Color This Is? '50 Pan.
Chopper front fender (mudguard)
Chopper rear fender
chrome oil tanks
Chrome or Brass fender badges?
Chrome plating
Chrome removal on oem parts?
Chrome swingarm
clutch derby cover thread size
Color combo's
Colours references
Correct oil tank for 1965
correct paint for inner/outer primary
correct rear fender for 60FLH
Correct tanks for '52
Custom Chrome Replica gas tanks
custom oil tank
decal clear coat
Derby cover bolts
Difference between knucklehead & panhead gas tanks
dip stick popping out
does anyone know what these brackets are
Don't Freeze Tanks With Water To Remove Dents
Dumb Move (gas caps gaskets)
Duo Glide rear fender
Duo turn signal mount
Duo-Glide paint schemes
DuPont color White paint info
Early Fender tip mounting hardware part #'s???
Early pan outer primary
Eastwood Stud Puller for Dents - Works !
Easy Tank Shutoff Rod Question - Please Don't Shoot Me.....
EATON cap question
Ebay '61 "original paint"
Enamel paint for badges
Fender "Hydra-Glide" name plate.
Fender fence installation
Fender Hole Size for Tail Light conduit & V-Twin Rear Fender
fender ID
Fender medalions
fender mount bracket
Fender Tips
Fender tools
Fender trim
fender trim
Fender width?
floorboard rivets
Floorboards 49 EL
Footboard rubber number/letter
Forest Green
Frame painting
Frame painting vs. powder coating
Front Bumper spacers 91089-58
Front Chain Guard Cover Gasket Question
Front fender
front fender bolts 61?
Front fender ID
Front fender mount
Front Fender Mounting Brackets
Front fender trim for 1957 - 1958
Front fender woes
Front fender+color ID
Front fenter trim holes
Front Primary mount holes/cases, heli-coil ??
Fuel caps---to vent or not to vent---
Fuel shut off
Fuel Shutoff ALignment Tool
Fuel shutoff knob 62051-40
fuel tank coatings
Fuel tank repair
Fuel tank rust removal
Fuel tank shutoff rod
Fuel tank storage
fuel tanks
Fuel valve removal queston on my 64...
Gas cap leak
Gas cap sealing
Gas Caps
Gas Caps and Gaskets
Gas caps needed
Gas tank caps interchangeable?
Gas Tank Emblems
Gas tank emblems
gas tank help
gas tank indents
Gas tank install
Gas tank leaking, how to repair
gas tank problems
gas tank question/comment....
Gas tank questions
Gas tank removal
gas tank repair
Gas tank restoration
Gas Tank Rust
Gas tank rust removal Q
Gas Tank Sealer
Gas tank sealing
gas tank shut-off valve help!
Gas Tank Venting
gas tanks
gas tanks
Gas tanks color
Gas tanks leaking
gas tanks?
Glacier blue (1953) help requested
H-D paint options, 1964
Harley 1954 50th anniversary fender emblem nos
headlight trim straightening
Hi fi purple colour code
Hi-Fi Red?
Hinged rear fender
Hinged Rear Fender Wiring???
Hollywood Green 1955
horse shoe oil tanks
Horseshoe oil tanks
Horseshoe oil tanks: which years
how do i remove the gas shut off rod??
how many oiltank mounting plate spacers are there?
How to remove 1964 oil tank
How to tell if my fuel tanks are 5 gal or 3.5 ?
how to tell what the original color was 61
HydraGlide fender emblems
I'm missing a few screws ...
inner primary
Inner primary
Inner Primary
Inner primary cover
Inner Primary cover extra hole
Inner primary differences
inner primary mounting question
Inner Primary reinforcement
Inner Primary reinforcement
inner primary repair (names???)
inner primary seal
inner primary, oil deflector
installing primary cover
Is this tank OEM
Later oil tank in 1958 frame
leaking tank
Leaking tanks, '61 Duo Glide
leaky tank
Left tank fitting thread repair
Leg shield decal
Long shot: Size of oil tank mount threads?
Looking for 65-69 flh inner primary
Looking for rear fender wire harness routing pic
Lower front fender trim
more 58 color questions
motor & transmission paint?
Motor Paint
Mounting Hydra-Glide emblems on front fender
Need a measurement please 1937 UL fender
Need help
need to make 4 spacers HD part #91089-58
new guy with a 59 tank question
New tin: where can I find aftermarket tin
New- 3.5 Replica Fuel Tanks
NOS and/or exact reproduction fuel tanks
Oil Bag Color?
oil tank
Oil Tank
oil tank
oil tank
oil tank
Oil Tank black paint
Oil Tank Bracket - Connection to Primary Chain Case
Oil tank cleaning
Oil Tank Cleaning
Oil tank decals.....water-slide
Oil tank diff???
Oil Tank Drain Plug
Oil tank leaks
Oil Tank Mounting
Oil Tank mounting issues
Oil tank mounts 61 FL
Oil tank question
Oil tank repair tabs?
Oil tank repair: can these be repaired
Oil tank replacement
Oil tank sealing
Oil tank spacer
Oil tank support bracket for wraparound oil tank
Oil Tank, Primary Inner Tin & Chain Guard alignment 53 Pan
oil tanks ---50 fl
Ok so need a color
one more for fuel tanks.
original coil paint
original paint
Original Paint Colors
original paint pictures
Original Primer
paint chips
Paint code
paint codes for hifi blue and birch white
Paint color for 65 pan
paint for cast iron
paint or chrome?
Paint Primer 1955 FL
Paint replication work
Paint Sample
paint samples arrived!
paint scheme
Paint Scheme
painting tanks
Pan inner
Panhead and colour painting
panhead inner primary chain cover
Panhead Oil Tank Decal 56 to 60
Patent Decal Help 1950 FL
Paughco oil tank with filter
peacock blue paint code
Pepper Red paint info
Petrol/gas cap
Primary cover
Primary cover for 1965
Primary cover question
Primary cover, 41-49, original vs reproduction
Primary Covers
primary inner?
Rattle can paint jobs
Rear fender braces
Rear fender holes
Rear fender mounting
Rear fender mounting bolt?
Rear fender notch
Rear fender painting
Rear fender size for the Avon 140/80
Rear fender stays thickness
rear fender strip clips 53 fl model
Rear fender year?
Rear hinge pin
rear stand catch
removing gas tank sealer
removing oil line nipples from oil tank
Removing rust from tanks
Repop rear fender
Reproduction Front Fenders
Reproduction Rear Fenders
right rear fender suport sticking out to fasr ??? 1959 pan
Right side gas tank line fitting
Rigid rear fender
Rust in oil tank
rust inside of gas tank
Screw size and tpi for tank badges
Sealing gas tanks
Self closing gas rod & the laws of gravity
Setting Fender Rivets
Sheet metal
shut off rod
Side fill oil tank dipstick
Soda blasting my engine
Source for badge screws?
spacers for oil tank?
Speedball Tank Emblem Question
Square Oil Tank Repair
Storing gas tanks
swing arm fender struts
Tail light height 1956 fender
Tailight holes locations
Tank Badge Screws
tank badges
Tank Badges
Tank Badges
Tank badges
Tank Badges
Tank Emblem Painting
Tank emblems 1949 Pan
Tank emblems on a '57
Tank Mounting Bracket
Tank paint
Tank Sealer
Tank sealer
Tank sealer
Tank Shift Bushing Source?
Tanks with emblems
Three 2762 Screws & (2) 2632 Washers For Fender
three hole license plate bracket
Thru tank gas shutoff
Tin inner primary spacers
Tin inner primary to oil tank mount problem
Tin primary
Tin primary bolt size
Tin primary drain fitting
Tin Primary to Crankcase?
Tin primary: how's this go together
to por 15 or not?
tombstone taillights
Tombstonelamp mount
Tool Box and Mount
top fuel rod hole in left hand gas tank.
Trim strips: what holds'em
V Twin tanks
V-Twin 49 Front Fender Trim
V-Twin 49 Front Fender Trim
Vented gas caps
Vented or not ?
What finish?
What is this tab on left front fender bracket?
whats a 8 X 32 selftapping screw look like?
Where to dill holes for Hydra Glide front fender emblems
Who makes the "best" re-pop front and rear fenders?
Winter painting
you kow its funnny

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