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Identification: 71 topics
#5 stamped on Left side case??
1937 flathead
1952 F
1954 pan with 8fin gear cam cover
1955 Panhead?
1960 Duoglide
1964 Swingarm identification
1965 pan outer primary cover identification
4 Speed Tranny ID
55 panhead title / numbers help please
Bike parts?
Can anyone I.D. these tanks ?
can someone ID this s pipe?
Can U identify XA-706 & XA-705 rods?
Cas tank ID help
Casting data codes
Casting mark
Casting numbers
Cylinder casting dates
Cylinder casting numbers and letter
Date code rim?
De-coding speedometers
DL Flathead identification
Eric - Legend verification
Finding History on Your Pan
Flywheel casting dates
found out my pans birthday
Frame Production Number Sequence Question
Head part numbers
Help identify bike
help me ID this front fender please
Help me please...
Help with these head numbers and letters
How do I tell what year Hydra Glide front end I have
identify original 51-53 gas tank emblems?
identify pan
identify police duo-glides
Identify this swingarm ??
Identifying a 1956 Hydra Glide
Identifying OEM gas tanks
Is it a 48 or a 56?
Is this a 1948 panhead? the heads are shovel heads?
late production '65 panhead?
matching numbers?
Military horn bracket?
Month of my Pan
Need help identifying my Panhead engine
opinions needed on dash cover
Pan Cylinder Identification!
Pan heads machine shop decipher needed
pan hydraglide front end casting numbers?
Panhead identification
panhead number
Panhead VIN#/Belly# Question
Parts ID?
Please Help Identify Panhead in Photo
Rear Motor Mount Codes
restoration type question
serial numbers
Speedo ID?
stamped case numbers
Triple Tree Identification
Try'n to I.D. cylinders 63 to 65 maybe
vehicle identification
VIN and Production numbers.
What engine do I have
What is it?
What year?
WLDD Surfaces
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