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Ignition: 386 topics
"Distributor" loose - vibrates back to advanced position...
"Joe Hunt" Magnetos experience ...?
12 v coil
12 Volt = hotter spark
12 volt coil wiring
12 volt ignition
12V coil
12v coil test
12v dual point coils
12v dual points
12v replacement for 6v round duoglide coils
12v reproduction coil
12V Reproduction coil experience?
1948-1960 Circuit breaker (timer)
1950 Distributor Installation Timing
1951 fl timing problem
1955 circuit breaker swap for 1965 circuit breaker
2 questions: plug and point gap
20 years old plugs gone bad
51 Distributor Rotation
51 el timing
51 pan shovel distributor
52 spark advance/retard
59 blowing condensors
6 volt coil
62 FL Mallory Ignition / coil combo???
63 pan ignition problem?
6V coil rating
6V coils & electronic ignition
6V plug wires
a couple of quick ignigtion questions
Accel "High-Performance" Point Tune-up kit
Accel coil number:140403
Accel super coil with Quickstart 2000 ignition
Advance springs.
Aftermarket Auto Advance Dilemma
Ampco dr63 point
auto advance
Auto Advance Distributors and left handgrip control
Auto advance points: how do they work
Auto Advance single point question
Auto advance timer ??
Auto advance timer flyweight roll pins
Auto advance timing: can I use a timing light
Auto Advance unit for panhead/early shovelhead
autolite ar72
Backfire on Hot Starts
Backfiring: rich, lean, or timing: circuitbreaker springclip
Bad Circuit Breaker?
Banging my head and it ain't to Lynrd!
Basic timing with a strobe
Best electronic ignition conversion
best points and condenser for panhead
Best sparkplugs for STD heads
Beware the condenser
Blue streak points
Breaker Cam - Points Cam - ignition advance deg
Breaker, Breaker 19(48)
Brisk Spark Plugs
Can some one id this magneto?
Can someone ID this Distributor?
Cant get a 1955 panhead to start
Chuck's Pan is Happy
circuit braker
Circuit braker dont have an alignment mark
Circuit breaker cam timing mark Q
Circuit breaker end play
circuit breaker gear
Circuit breaker hard turning
Circuit breaker issues
Circuit breaker question
Circuit Breaker Removal
Circuit breaker short
Circuit breaker slop
circuit breaker spring
Circuit Breakers
Circut Breaker Single Point
Coil (3 or 5 ohms)
Coil for Quick Start 2000
Coil hookup questions
Coil issue???
Coil ohm
Coil Placement
Coil problem
Coil question
coil question
Coil question/problem
Coil questions
Coil surgery needed, the wire broke off
Colony® Spark Plug Wire Support
condenser 64 pan
Condenser Mystery
Condensers again
Diagnose my plugs?
Dialing in the advance on a Mallory distributor.
Dialing in the advance on a Mallory distributor.
Difference between front and rear spark plugs
Distributor / Circuit Breaker Removal
Distributor & Coil
Distributor eccentric adjustment screw
Distributor hold-downs
Distributor lobes
distributor problem
Distributor Setup
distributor short
Distributor Wire
Distributor: has anyone seen one like this
Distributor: how do i get my dist back in the right spot
Distributor: trouble removing
Distributor: wondering which one is correct for my engine
dual coil setup and regulator mounting.
Dual Coils
dual plugs
dual plugs and External Oilers
Dual plugs and single fire
Dual Plugs or conpression releases
Dual point dizzy coil(s)????
Dual point ignition
Dual Point Question
Dual point swap
dual point timer coils
Dual point timing
Dual points distributor
Dual Points Question
Dual points vs. single point
Dual vs. single point distributor
Dual-point distributor 6V or 12V
Dyna ignition booster
Dyna ignition in a Pan distributor
Early model coil: where for sale
Ebeyond2000 ignition: would like to know what the pick up is
ECHLIN POINTS new number!
elect ignit. ebeyond 2000
Electronic ignition
electronic ignition
Electronic ignition & spark plug
Electronic ignition 45partsdepot
Electronic Ignition Conversion an Andrews A Grind Cam
Electronic Ignition System
Electronic ignition: want to change the points to electronic
eQuickstart 2000
Erratic timing mark
Favorite spark plug
Fixing the timing in place on 51 Panhead
Flh magneto woe's
Fluffy front plug
Flywheel timing marks
Fouling plugs
Front Plug won't spark?
Going electronic
Good Points for Early Pan Timers?
Harley tune-up kit
Has Anyone Seen a Dist. Like this one
Help me . She wont start.
Help timing mallory ignition
Hot Coil
How has a good coil for '55 FL
How many degrees of dwell
I have installed the "Dynatek" single fire !
Ignition Condenser - Does anyone really understand?
Ignition parts
Ignition Points & 6V battery
Ignition Points Plate Mounting Holes
Ignition problem.
Ignition problems
Ignition Question
Ignition timing
Ignition Timing
Ignition/ exhaust question (1942 WLA)
Installing After Market Timer....contd.
is my timing out?
Joe Hunt magneto compatible for 61"
Joe Hunt Magneto Question
Joe Hunt shaft in Morris Magneto
Looking for a part number [Long clear timing plug]
Looking into that hard to see timing hole.
Low spark at points.
Mag question
Magneto for 1957 FLH
Magneto Information
Magneto install
Magneto points glazing
magneto problem?
magneto query
mallory 557 wiring on dual coils
Mallory A557 ignition install
Mallory all electronic ignition distributor and sparks
Mallory Automatic Advance Distributor
Mallory condensor, Panhead dist
Mallory Distributor
Mallory Distributor
Mallory distributor
Mallory distributor roll pin
Mallory distributors
Mallory Electronic ignition coil?
Mallory electronic ignition setup: a couple of questions
Mallory unilite
Mallory unilite 556
Mallory Unilite and 12V system
Mallory unilite and revtech dual tower coils
Mallory Unilite distributor
Mallory Unilite Distributor Question
malory distributor
Manual advance distributor pictures
Manual spark advance
mechanical advance starting
Morris Magneto coil (are they Brothers!!! )
Morris Magneto Half Tooth Out?
Morris magneto or disributor!!!
Morris magneto starting problems
MSD for Panhead: an ignition unit for pans
Need help on distributor advance on start!!!!!
Need help on timing Magneto
need help, cant set timing on pan...
Need info on Mallory Distributor install on a '52
New ballast resistor trick
New Electronic Ignition Developed - Need timing Information
New Quick Start 2000 ignition
Niehoff points Dilemma (Knuckle/Pan clone)
No Cold Start-Magneto...Again
no spark
No Spark at Plugs - Checking a 12 Volt Coil?
No Timing marks on flywheel
NOT the usual timing questions
Oem style coil
Old circuit breaker vrs Mallory
original coil
Original coil
Original ignition coil tar
Pan Head Points
Pan Head Points
Pan points
Panhead Distributor
panhead fouls plugs
Panhead Ignition Timer
Panhead Points...Help
Panhead timing
panhead timing
Panhead timing troubles
Part #/Source for coil terminals?
platinum +4 plugs
please help! 1965 circuit breaker
Plug cross-ref
Plug heat range
Plug leads
Plug reading: they appeared to be oil fouled
Plug spark
Plug wire routing
Plugs and frame
Point Gap
Points and condenser
points and condensor
Points cam lobes
Points gap
points gap again
Points gap on front cam lobe
Points ignition: what type of ignition to change to
Points keep moving out
points setting made me a believer
Pressure Check your Spark Plugs!!!----
proper plug gap
quick start 2000 elect. ignit.
QuickStart 2000?
re sticky timer
Re Sticky Timer
re-installing magneto
RE: 12V Coil & Sparkplug Wire Install??
Rear Timing mark On a 1956 FLH Panhead ?
Remove distributor
remove high tension wires from 6V tar filled ignition coil
repaint coil
Replace points with electronic ignition
Replacing plug wires oem 6v coil
Retard ignition
Running a magneto
Science of the spark
Setting points
Setting points and timing
Setting Timing
Setting timing on 1952 Pan
Setting Timing on a Modified 52 Panhead
Shovel style coil + or -
Single fire ignition
single fire ignition dual plg heads
single fire problem
Single points or dual points+ coils?
Spark advance
spark advance bracket
Spark control cable ferrel???
Spark issue
spark knock
Spark mod
Spark plug explanation
Spark plug length
spark plug question
spark plug reach
Spark plug reach
Spark plug reach into the cylinder
Spark plug type
Spark plug types
Spark plug wire core burnout
Spark plug wire question
Spark plugs
Spark plugs
Spark plugs
Spark plugs
Spark plugs
Spark Plugs - Champion RJ12YC versus J12YC
Spark plugs again....
Spark plugs for Panheads
Spark plugs for STD heads
Spark plugs for STD heads
Spark plugs fouling
Spark plugs recommendation for easier starting
Spark Problem/Timing
Sparking Panheads
Sparkplug Wires?
Sparkplugs question
Sportster Xl1100 Spark Plugs on a Panhead?
Spyke ignition on Panhead
static timing
Static Timing Lamp question
STD Panhead spark plugs
stock vs electronic ignition
Strange new issue w/regards to timing.
Stripped Threads in Timer
stroker panhead with magneto, need help!!
Summer plugs
Switched to old manual dist, ? on the wire...
Testing a coil
Thoughts or experiences with Ebyond 2000
Timer / Circuit Breaker Rebuild
timer advance/retard control
timer cam lobes
Timer control problems
Timing 1951 FL
Timing 1956 panhead
Timing a 1953 Pan
Timing a Pan
Timing adjustment?
timing after changing cam
Timing and pipe swap
Timing dual plug motors
Timing dual point
Timing for another beer
Timing jumped
timing marks
timing Marks
timing my '55 FL very confused
Timing Q
Timing question
Timing question
Timing question
Timing question
Timing question 1957 Panhead
timing suggestion for EL (1950)
timing troubles
Timing: a little problem when i time the bike
Timing: the easiest way
timming marks/ timming
Unilite Distributor questions
Very little spark from distributor.
Vulcan electronic distributor
Vulcan ignitions
Weak Magneto Magnets.....symptoms?
what magneto brand??
What happened to my coil ?
What ohm Ignition coil
Which coil
Which Distributor
Which Electronic ingnition on Pan?
Which plug wire for inductive timing
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