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General: 639 topics
'05 V-Twin Pix
'52 Progress
'64s & '65s
'65 Pan-Help needed
'65 Pricing Help
"barn fresh" pan on ebay
"Mechanics and Owners guide for 41-59 HDs Vol I"
"Repolishing" polished aluminium parts?
"TEX" bike on EBay?
"The Enthusiast", September 1953 ?
"What Fits What" booklet critique
#12 & 1/4 inch bolts
1 kick hot...20 cold
1/4x24 bolts ?
12,000 miles and still does not want to start when cold
1440 cc Panhead
1941 WL Documentation
1942 WLC Service Manual
1942 XA
1946 Panhead!
1947 pan head valuation
1947 Panhead
1948 fl
1948 Pan pics.
1948 Panhead (how do you crank this beast)
1948 to 1957 H-D Shop Manual
1949 OEM peacock blue paint color examples
1949 registration
1949EL - Must have manuals
1950 out for the first ride in years
1950 Pan coming apart
1950 panhead bolts
1950 panhead chopper rebuild
1951 FL questions
1951 Pan bobber
1951 Pan short block
1957 Pan (what do you guys think)
1958 100 point motor?
1958 FLH production numbers
1958 Service Manual Question
1959 FLH OEM Service Manual
1960 pan
1960 Duo-Glide (an old friend)
1960 pan police photos
1963 Duo-Glide issues
1963 Panhead
1964 FLH, first ride
1965 FLH Panhead manuals
1965 FLHs hand shift, how many were made
1965 Pan
1966 Panhead points to check
1st ride on the 49
2nd post
30 years in the garage
32 years later
48 Pan rocker
48 Panhead after six years of restoration...
48 panhead in need of help
48 Restoration
49 panhead number issues....of course
50 & 77 - Pictures added 6-4
50 pan on ebay
50' chopper to bobbber
52 pan lower with splined sprocket shaft on e-pay?
53 buddy seat
53 LE Sidecar
54 FLE
54 LE
55 FLH
55 panhead emblem and D-rings
56 pan misses on acceleration
56 pan won't start at all. Help.
56FL rearended
58 hydra glide??????
58 pan book
58 panhead part numbers and manual
59 duoglide v 65 electra glide !
60 Owner's Manual?
63 FLH
63 Panhead info required
64 Duo lives
65 ElectraGlide, everbody stopped & watched as I rode by
65 motor on a rigid frame
65 start
65' cop special
7/16" Allen Wrench
A 3000 mile panhead? I have some doubts...
A Future V-Twin Motor Customer Has Questions:
A Play On Words!
A ride story
a year later...
abit stumped
About J&P Cycles and their new "policy"
Advice on purchasing FL/H motor
Aftermarket speedo error
Ah the first ride to work
Airbrush HD bike show by Amir Glinik, must see!
All is well!
Almost Panless
AMCA inspection
American Pickers buy "37 nuck
An inordinate number of things go wrong
Another 49 gem.
Another Police Bike Question
antique cycle out of business?
Any Idea what its worth??
any ideas what size and grade nuts and bolts
Any opinions about DEMONS Custom Cycle stuff?
Any owners close to Rockingham N.C.???
Anybody know this guy?
Anybody need this?
Anybody Recommend a GOOD Painter?
Anybody Running New Pans or Knuckles?
Anyone know this '65 on ebay
Are Pan Engines Inherently Noisy?
Are these parts off a Indian Or Harley?
Around the world on a Pan
at least the 50 started
Back after 8 years
Back issues and a rigid frame
Back to Work on the Panhead
Bead blasting chrome stuff
Belt primaries harder to kick?
Best all around engine / transmission sealers
Best cleaner ever
best designed pan engines?
Best manual?
Bestway 5SPCH
Big Incher AKA Tom Johnson
Bike locks
Bike runs great when cold, but pings when hot
Billy Bike info
Black bolts producing
Break in mileage
Broken speedo sending unit in trans ...
Bruce Palmer's book
Build A '56 Replica Pan
build questions, Frame id, motor options.
Building a project bike
Building using a HD engine.
buying a bike??.... 1958 pan/with 1950 engine
Buying a Panhead
Buying a Panhead, what to consider
Buying major parts
Cad Plating, where to get it done?
Cad plating: anyone know of a reputable place
Cadmium plating
Cadmium Plating
Can anyone shed some light on this plate/or am I good?
Can you do your own chrome
Changing title to proper year for engine/frame
Chopper: what defines a chopper
Choppers and bobbers: what is in a name
Choppers functionable
Christmas Day ride in Connecticut
chrome removal
Clean Pan Motor
Cleaning aluminium
Cleaning cadmium parts
Cleaning cases, heads and tranny
Cleaning oil tank
Cleaning tip
club for 1957-58 panhead owners
Communists have invaded the Harly dealerships
Cone Motor in Panhead Clothing?
Considering a purchase
Converting duoglide to hydraglide
Cool Picture
Correct appearance of 1957FL
Correct finishes for a 58FLH
Cotten & The Horse
Curb weight of a Duo-Glide
Cycle Den Fire
damage by running on one pot?
Damn, where's my checkbook ?
Davenport swap meet soon
dealer search
Decal coverage
Dennis Hopper Died Today
Difficult to start and idle goes up and down
Difficult to start when warm!
digital air gage
Displacement formula
Do and donts for a new pan owner
Do sidecars have titles?
Domestic sales order form (calling Perry Ruiter)
Don't SIT on that !
Down Loading Pictures?
Drilling chrome
E-bay gem (strong running )
Early Panhead problems
Early Times MC Restoration Co. - great work!
Early toolbox
EL to FL
Electrical questions
Engine and trans alignment
ever see one of these ?
Evil chrome!!!
Export bikes: different setup
Factory prodution numbers
Finally Done - Almost!
FIND - Weight Harley E EL FL FLF FLH UL U W WLA K XL....
finding origin of -54 Pan?
Fine vs. coarse threaded bolts--when used
First good ride
first owner trace
First start procedure after total rebuild
Flat Rate Information
FLE model, what is it
FLH 63 how many were made
FLH engine internals: part of judging
Fogger: fire up the old panhead after sitting awhile
For the pan man who has everything
Forge weld or solder
Found '48 Pan FL , suggestions?
Four Panheads and one Knuck - Townsend, TN
Frame finishing
Full tank = better starting
gas milage
Gas resistant clearcoat
General 64 DuoGlide questions
general q's
Genuine Panhead
Getting It Back Up
Getting paint off cases
Getting rid of chrome
Glamour shots
Glendale,Az. Shops
going to pick up my first panhead after Thanksgiving!
Good 1961 FLH Repair manual source ?
Good Deal for a '49 FL Panhead?
Good deal on a Side Car????
Good quality parts supplier
Good source for Pan parts
Great Photo of HD dealership
Great Photo of HD dealership
Gremlin in motor
Gyptal - problem
H-D papers and frame, where find
Happy New Year, Thanks to Many who have helped me!!!
Hard Kick on fresh top end
Hard starting
hard starting cold
Hard Starting Hot Engine Solved
Hard times and forced to sell
Harley restoration forum?
Harley trademark
Harleys in Cuba
has anyone done a step by step
HD Industrial Art
Head Hog repair
Head Hog?
Head shop
Hello again guys
Here's a weird one...
High Tech Security on a Antique - Anyone tried this
Hot Babe on a Hawg!
Hot running Pan
Houston Shop
how can my bike to be one kicker
How Do I go Faster
How do you crank your beast
How many miles brake in before I pack it down?
How Should a fresh Panhead engine run?
How to restore your Harley-Davidson Bruce Palmer
How to start my '59 Pan ??
How to tell if paint is original
How to Treat New Chrome?
Hydra-Glide - Where to buy one?
Hydra-glide re-build
I forgot how cold mid-30's feels on the pan!
I have a scooter that defines this catergory!
I love my Pan!
I love this old bike
I've been holed up out in the garage lately
ID Side car
In the spirit of Panheads and winter
indy shop
Interesting mock-up Day
Is it hard? (not an x rated question)
Is It Just Me?
Is the sidecar installed at the factory
Is this a good deal on this 53 panhead?
Jamestown Chili Cookoff
JB Weld
Jefferson Pa.
Jp store user account, strange goings on
Junk new parts
just a funny story
Just a story
Just about complete: Modified 1958 Pan Bobber! PICS!!!
just recieved my bike
Karma strikes
kick backs and broken legs?
Kick starting while on or off the bike
kicking bike
kickstart problem
Knuckle/Glide & Glide
Knuckle/pan identification
Krylon? Pan
Last year Panheads were made
Legal title on re-constructed panhead
Lessons Learned For Using Kreem Blue Protectant
Let's talk Dollar Amounts
Liberty Mcy policy announcement
Liberty's Proto Type
Life & Times of the Duo-Lift?
Linkert M-74B carb
Long haul set-up???
Longshot C&L cycles in Phoenix
looking at a 1949, what do you think
Looking for a rebuilder
Looking for contact information please
Looking for picture of 64 CHP Panhead
Looking for plastic tool coating stuff
Loose mirror
Low mileage musuem piece
Lowest Production year FLH
Magnet testing Stainless steel.
Maiden voyage
Many models E EL F U. FL FLH ... etc but I can not find the
Market price for Pan engine
Mechanic in ontario Canada?
Mechanic recommendations in Upstate NY
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
MidWest (Customer Service)
Mileage and range
Mileage, oil consumption, chain, belt info
Mint '57!
miss and die
mock motor
Motor & machining questions
motor and tranny rebuild
Motor and Trans Rebuild
Motor maids
Motorcycle Rain Boot Cover Waterproof
Must have Panhead tools
My 1949 Panhead
My 1954 FL as purchased
My 1954 Panhead. I have owned it 41 years.
my 63 is back together, and runs! but not great.
My first Pan - 1957 FLH
my parts crates
My top 5 reasons my bike is better than an ole lady
my very new pan
mysterious knocking what do you think
need a starting point to find problem...........59 FLH
Need Police M/Cycle "links & /or info
Need to know about Panheads
New bike - major decisions
New here - question BEFORE purchasing a pan
New Owner with a few questions
New to Panheads. Rolling my own
New transmission and Cylinder head question
Newbie buys wrong part, can some wise person ID
Noise Killer Blue®
Northern California Panhead Expert?
NOS Parts
NOS Parts is back?
NOS stuff that is too cool to install
not panhead, but interesting none the less.
Now it won't start
Number of Models Per year
Oakland Roadster Show 1972
Obtaining a title on a home built replica bike in Florida
Octane additives
OEM Parts followed with "T"
Oh-No! How am I going to start the Pan?
Oil Bag (tank) drain plug Size?
old Harleys at Newport Hill Climb
Old school
Old scooter - New gas?
On the road again
On the road again
On the Road Again
On the road again! 1960 FLHF
Online source for stainless steel hardware
opening a can of worms...
Opinions on Pan purchase
Original or not
Original Pan
OT: Great PAN riding weather in TX
Paint codes
Paint info needed: suggestions as to primers and topcoats
Paint the cases, jugs, heads, and transmission
Painting Silver Engine Parts
Painting tips
Palmers Resto Guide
Palmers restoration book
Pan head Poem
Pan Insurance
Pan parts needed
Pan pics
Panhead Books
Panhead case repairs (POOR EXPERIENCE) BEWARE
Panhead changes
Panhead engine builders
Panhead engine buying question
Panhead engine weight
Panhead getting hot?
Panhead horsepower discussion
Panhead Hydra glide year 49
panhead inspired crossbones
Panhead Lift table??
Panhead Party
Panhead question...
Panhead Rally
Panhead Rebuild Video
Panhead Reliability
Panhead Restoration Question
Panhead riders in OKC Oklahoma (or surrounding towns)
panhead rpm
Panhead shop
Panhead Shop in PA??
Panhead song
Panhead tune up tips, what do you think?
Panhead weak points or sensible mods etc.
Panhead wins Best of Show
Panhead with a trailer hitch?
panheads in service
Panzer Motorcycles
Parkerized vs Cad hardware
Parkerizing compound
Parkerizing Mixture Ratio/Quantities, any idea?
part numbers question
part# taillight
Parto Bizarro
Parts for Pans
Parts supplier for a rebuild?
Perma-Coil installation
pics of my 1963 duo-glide
Picture maybe? Alligator River
picture of original 1960 fl duo glide
Pix of new toy
plated hardware - anti seize?
Political? sorry
Possibly the stupidest question ever asked.
PR # 3
Preparing to Start My FL from 37 Years of Inactivity
Preperations for the trip Alaska to Florida
Price stock 1960 Duo Glide
Probably The Last Ride This Year
pull starting behind a car
Question for Rammy Kimberly
R.I.P. Tom Shaw
Re '59 FLH
Re chrome
Real Deal Or Scam
Real howler in the Clymer Panhead manual
rebuilt motor wont fire!!!!
Recommend a machinist in West Florida?
Reference Material
remote starter
Remove cadmium plating
removing chrome
Removing JB Weld
Restoration Guide for 1929-1936 45"s
Restoration of Tank Emblems
Restoring a 65 Pan Motor
Rider size. Where the big guys at ?
Rigid riding tips needed
ROLLER LIFTER, gave out!
Rough running first kilometers
Royalty Rode In On A Rat
Running in
Running old plates
S&S Dealer?
S&S pan kick starting problem
Saving decals
Seal-Lock Fluid Weld
Sealer removal
Searching to get my boys gift done!
Seasons Greetings
Security System For a Pan
Seen these on a pan?
selling one of my Pans
service for Panhead in Den Haag area
Service Manual Question
she's RUNNING!!!!
Shipper Reccomendation?
Shipping a bike
shipping frames
Shipping overseas
Shops in Sacramento
Short ride on my Pan, last for the year.
Shovelhead sidecar on a 59 panhead?
Sidecar Paint
Silver paint for parts
sizzler ? I wonder ......
Sizzling hot - fajitas
Small Panhead motor
Small Parts
Soap & engine stand
Soda blasting in the NYC area
Some interesting modifications
Source for list special threads used
Special screws
speed wobble
Speedometer overview
Starting a 1950 pan
Starting a pan after 14 years
Starting issues: solved
Starting motor that has been sitting for years
STD Heads & Customer Service
Still searching for my Pan...
Still waitin to see 49 Pan run...
strange knock and i do not know were to start
Stuck piston
Subjective question
Super shine tip
Take a bow all the critics love you everybody loves you!
Taking burnt shoe marks off your pipes
Tall tales of old Harleys in the midwest
Technical terms
Thank you fourth
Thanks FHP
Thanks guys
The engine may idle fine or it may cough and stall or cough
The FLE model and police bikes
the FLE panhead
The new '59
The Panhead lives!!
There's something wrong here
this site is great. username change
this site....
Thread Sealer
Thread sizes
ThunderBay Motorcycles Tampa, Fla
Tire bead breaker tip
Tom tom satnav
Top speed on a 1947 WL
Torque settings lug and axle nuts
Torque specifications for engine and trans mounting bolts
torque specs
Torque specs...
Torque Wrench Notes
Touring on a 1964 Duo-Glide
Traded my '97 Wide Glide for a '55 Pan last night...
Trading parts- whats fair? opinions needed
Trailer hitch for the 51 pan
Trunk for the rear rack on the 51
Two-up on a Rigid
unburnt fuel in the pipe
Undocumented Panhead Features
V T's Bobber Replica??
V-Twin Catalog Online
V-Twin Panhead Kit Bikes
V-twin's Machine Shop
Very rare !
Very rare bike on ebay.
vibration what is normal?
Vibrations and how to cure them
Vintage harley airhorn.
Vintage plates
Vol. 2 Resource Guide
WANTED french panhead owners !
Was I snookered on Ebay?
Weird but true story about my 61 Panhead
Welding aluminum
What a piece of......
What are these parts?
What do you use to wash your Panhead ?
What is it worth?
What is the best paper manual for a 1957 pan?
what is this bracket ??
What is typical Panhead motor mileagle/life expectancy aprox
What Next
What the hell happened to Harley shops
What were the AMF years
What's the secret to Hot starts ?
What's this strange pedal for? '50 Pan
Wheelie: how do they do it
Where being watched!
Where did all the power go
Where Have All The Panheads Gone?
Where is all the tank shifter knobs at
Where Is My Post?
Where is VIN on a '49 Pan...Right side?
where to start
Where would you start..?
Which NOS or original(Remanned) Front End for a 60 Pan?
Which Pan is worth more, original paint bike or fresh restoration?
Which Pans are most valuable ?
Who's Building What?
Winter storage
Won't trade my cool noises: I like these noises
Words of advice: the best parts to look for
wt*? on ebay
XXX bike show
Year of the decals/paint job
You gotta be kidding!
Your Free Education
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