Panhead changes: Cylinders redesigned with oil passages on the right side, right crankcase with external oil line boss. From a 1-7/8" to 2-1/8" wider rear brake hub and shoes, round back front and rear turn signal housings, black rubber one piece kickstart pedal. New fiberglass bags replace the optional Royalite plastic bags.
Tank emblem change: HD bar & shield w/rear bar stretched back.

Servi-Car, 45ci Flathead, 3 speed and reverse
G , tow bar  
GA, without tow bar  
Panhead: Duo-Glides, 74ci, 4 speed
FL Sport
FLF Sport, foot-shift
FLH Super Sport
FLHF Super Sport, foot-shift

Sidecar and Chassis:
· LE - Sport sidecar for Duo's
· LEC - chassis w/wheel and fender
· LA - Topper sidecar
· LM - Topper utility box

1963 Panhead colors

Tango Red
Horizon Metallic Blue
Police Silver
Police Birch White
Hi-Fi Red
Hi-Fi Purple
Hi-Fi Turquoise

Stated color with Birch White Tank panels.
Extra cost: Hi-Fi Red, Hi-Fi Purple, Hi-Fi Turquoise.

1963 Servicar colors

Tango Red
Horizon metallic blue
Police Silver
Birch White