Panhead changes: The major change is the entry of the single fire ignition system, Manual advance dual point timer using 2 sets of contact points and a single lobe points cam where each set of points had its own condenser. The left flywheel got a rear cylinder timing mark midyear, and pushrods were designed with a longer main body and shorter pressed in bottom section.
Another emblem: 4 point star with "Harley-Davidson" stamped bar.


Flathead, Servi-Car, 45ci s, 3 speed and reverse
Gtow bar
GA, without tow bar
Panhead, Duo-Glide, 74ci, 4 speed
FL Sport
FLF Sport, foot-shift
FLH Super Sport
FLHF Super Sport, foot-shift


Sidecar and Chassis:
· LE - Sport sidecar
· LA - Topper sidecar
· LM - Topper utility box


1961 Panhead colors

Pepper Red
Police Silver
Police Birch White
Hi-Fi Red
Hi-Fi Green
Hi-Fi Blue

Stated color with Birch White tank panels.
Extra cost: Hi-Fi Red, Hi-Fi Green, Hi-Fi Blue.
No extra cost: any solid standard color without tank panels.