The Stewart Warner speedo is redesigned with italic "Day-Glo" green numbers and hash marks, with gold painted center.

1956 speedometer

Panhead changes: The FLH gets a "Victory" cam with higher lift, (1.342" from 1.334"), and a 2.3% shorter duration, they also feature an "FLH" decal w/red "V" on a silver shield placed on both sides of the oil tank. Redesigned right crankcase routes oil to top and through oil pump check valve, sprocket shaft now has the bearig shoulder, cylinder heads with 9 fins on pushrod side and 12 valve cover mounting screws, new oil pump check valve spring, optional chrome instrument cover, stainless steel cover on steering head lock, stainless steel air cleaner featuring center screw.


Flathead, Servi-Car, 45", 3 speed and reverse
G, tow bar
GA, without tow bar
Panhead, Hydra-Glide, 74", 4 speed    
FL Sport Solo
FLF Sport Solo, foot-shift
FLE Solo, Traffic Combination
FLEF Solo, Traffic Combination, foot-shift
FLH Super Sport Solo
FLHF Super Sport Solo, foot-shift

Sidecar and Chassis:
· LE - right hand sidecar
· M - Package Truck w/cover
· MC - chassis for M


1956 Panhead colors
Pepper red with white tank panels and red fenders Black with Champion Yellow tank panels and black fenders Atomic Blue with Champion Yellow tank panels and blue fenders Police Silver Police White Flamboyant metallic green w/white tank panels
Extra cost: Flamboyant metallic green, (and fenders), with white tank panels
1956 Servicar colors
Pepper red
Atomic Blue
Champion Yellow
Police Silver
Police White