A Golden Anniversary brass medallion on the front fenders of all models this year.

















Panhead changes: Tapered pinion shaft and gear and oil-pump worm gear for this year to reduce gear noises. 3 frame types: Wishbone without horn mount; Wishbone with flattened downtubes-no horn mount; Straight leg with "T" mounting bracket. Jubilee trumpet horn is introduced, faster acting throttle, round check balls in oil pump, nonsplined shifter shaft and lever, new foot shifter w/optional heel lever. While not on the order blanks, officially the first optional dual exhaust is ordered from the accessory catalog. Black hard plastic saddlebags could be ordered, and winged fireball emblems were placed everywhere.


(source: Classic Harley Big Twins by Jerry Hatfield, Greg Field, Tom Murphy)


1954 Speedometer



Flathead Servi-Car, 45", 3 speed and reverse
# produced
G, tow bar
GA, without tow bar
Panhead: 74", 4 speed
FL Sport Solo
FLF Sport Solo, foot-shift
FLE Solo, Traffic Combination
FLEF Solo, Traffic Combination, foot-shift


Sidecar and Chassis:
· LE - right hand sidecar
· M - Package Truck w/cover
· MC - chassis for M
· LMC - left hand chassis

1954 colors
Pepper Red
Glacier Blue
Daytona Ivory
Anniversary Yellow
Police White
Police Silver
Forest Green

Motor maids option = Cadillac Gray tanks & azure blue fenders.
At no extra cost: Daytona Ivory tanks with either - Forest Green or Glacier Blue or Pepper Red fenders; either Pepper Red or Glacier Blue or Forest Green tanks with Daytona Ivory fender.