1952 saw the introduction of the footshift. Panheads are now only offered in the high compression configuration. Also the last year for the 61ci. Difficulties with dirty oil clogging filters was addressed by the addition of a check valve and screen, which lasted until the screen was clogged. Placement of the 1953 lifters would resolve this. The exhaust valves were Parkerized (a chemical application to prevent corrosion).
Other Panhead changes: revised wishbone frame with inverted "U"-shaped toolbox brackets, quieter muffler, partial chain cutaway recess in rear fender. Late in the year saw the "rotating" exhaust valve, which were fitted with a new vavle stem cap that kept the rocker from bearing on the stem, allowing the valve to rotate when open. The mufflers recieved internal revisions to give it a more mellow tone. The model 32 generator was replaced by the model 52.


Flathead, Servi-Car, 45", 3 speed and reverse # Price
G, tow bar 515 $1,175
GA, without tow bar 532 $1,160
Panhead, OHV, 4 speed    
EL Sport Solo, 61ci 918 $955
ELS Sidecar Twin, 61ci   $955
ELF Sport Solo, foot-shift, 61ci   $955
FL Sport Solo, 74ci 5554 $970
FLS Sidecar Twin, 74ci   $970
FLF Sport Solo, foot-shift, 74ci   $970


Sidecar and Chassis:
· LE - right hand sidecar
· M - Package Truck w/cover
· MC - chassis for M


Colors for 1952
Brilliant Black
Persian Red
Rio Blue
Tropical Green
Police Silver
Marine Blue Metallic
Bronco Brown Metallic
Marine blue metallic, white, bronco brown metallic at extra cost
Options: Deluxe Solo, Utility Solo, Standard Police, Utility for servicar, Deluxe for K, Deluxe servicar, Deluxe sidecar.